James Lewis

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I'm James Lewis, Captain of the swimming team. Well, before that "Percy" kid showed up.

He ruined everything!

First he took my swimming title. Then, my girlfriend dumped me for him, but he didn't accept her saying he has a gf already. But, still! Then, worst of all...he beat all my records! He took my friends, but they don't really matter.

I got so tired of him that during swimming practice...

"Percy Jackson!" I called out in my most coach-like voice. "I challenge you to a swim-off."

He shrugged and came over to me.

"Sure." He said, cooly. "How many laps?"

"5 laps back and forth." I answered.

I looked at him and caught him staring at some blonde chick.

I'm going to ask her out later after this swim-off, I made a mental note.

He wasn't going to beat me since my fastest record was 3.14 minutes.

"Go!" I shouted. I swam as fast as my Ferrari.

I resurfaced and turned around. He wasn't up yet. I smirked. That was when a voice behind me said.

"You got a new record." 

My head shot up and found Percy sitting on the benches wiping the water off himself.

"What?" I asked dumb-founded.

"I said 'You got a new record.' ." Percy answered.

" How did you swim 5 laps so quickly?"

"5 laps?" Percy asked, now shocked. I knew he couldn't beat me...

"I thought 10...wow, I wasted my energy..."

Now it was my turn to be shocked. 

This guy has got to be part water or something.

"C'mon Seaweed Brain!" The blonde chick Percy was staring at a while ago yelled.

"Coming!" Percy shouted back. "Just let me change..."

The chick rolled her eyes and tossed Percy his clothes.

Afterwards, they left the pool. Leaving me shocked.

Who was that chick?




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