Rose Vanity

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I'm Rose Vanity. Yeah that's my actual name. My fatal flaw is the name, hun.

Obviously, I'm the daughter of the most beautiful goddess considering my soft, wavy chocolate-colored hair and kaleidoscopic eyes. Yes, I am a demigod.

Piper Mclean, yes Mclean as in Tristan Mclean He is sooooo hot--Sorry getting out of topic here.

"Yada, yada, yada." Piper seemed to say pointing at some weird-looking wall.

I just nodded absent-mindedly.

But, I snapped back to attention when a hot guy walked by.

"Hi Piper," He greeted. "And you too." He pointed at me.

I swear I would've melted into a puddle if it wasn't for Piper dragging me along.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Oh that's just Percy," She answered as if she didn't care if he was good-looking or not.


"Yup, now let's go."

She dragged me along towards the beach. It beheld a sight that broke me. It killed me!

Percy was making-out with a blonde girl.

I glared at their direction.

"C'mon," Piper pulled me. " Let's go to our cabin."

"You go ahead." I said. "I need to do something. I already know where it is."

"Okay?" She sounded unsure but left.

I tried to form a plan to break those two lovers apart. Then I heard someone behind me say: "Nuh-uh, hun."

I dared to look around and saw a woman that looked---well, perfect.

"Mom?" I asked to be sure.

She nodded as if it was obvious.

"You ain't breaking Percabeth up," She continued. " It took me 4 years to get them to date each other! They are perfect for each other. Meant to be. My OTP."


"If you dare try to break them up, I swear to all the gods that I will disown you."

My eyes widened in fear.

"They have one of the most beautiful; love stories ever! You cannot break them!"\

"Yes, mom. I will never think of that again."

"She smiled as if she never just ranted.

"Okay, toodles." She waved and disappeared in a flash of pink leaving rose petals and the smell of sweet perfume.

I looked longingly at "Percabeth".

I wish I had a person who I'm meant to be with...






Yeah, the chapters are starting to suck. The reason is because I can't focus. I hate BoO. It wasn't what I expected! I hate it. It left with a bunch of questions. It wasn't a suffecient ending. Hmph! It's unfair!!!

Late dedication. I'm so so sorry. This goes to her because she has the wacvkiest ship...

Percy and Kronos! Seriously, though. I did say something unthinkable...

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