Andrew Brase

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Andrew Brase 

"Andrew Brase!" Ms. Jenkins, an old, like really old teacher, scolded me.

"Yes?" I asked, trying to hide my mischievous smile.

She glared daggers at me with her piercing blue eyes. You could see the wrinkles on her face move as she smiled a sickening smile. "Detention." She told me before dismissing class.

I sighed there goes another hour of my boring life. 

I looked down. I stood up from my chair and left the classroom.

I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going because I was thinking of something I could do during detention. You see, I'm sorta ADHD. That was when my life changed forever. I bumped into a blonde girl.

"Sorry," She mumbled, looking around as if she was in trouble or had something important to do.

"No prob," I told her picking up the book she dropped. I couldn't help but read the title. It was in Greek or Latin or something! Yet, I understood each word. It was "Greatest Architectural Structures of the Ancient World" 

Before I could further react, she snatched the book from me and left to who knows where! I was really curious. I wanted to follow her. See what she wanted to do. But of course the bell had to ring...

-----------TIME LAPSE------------

I couldn't keep her out of my mind. I knew she was important...Maybe I've met her before. Maybe she knew my dad...That's silly, why and how would she? I'm just...

Then all of a sudden a giant boom broke the left wall...well half of the classroom actually. 

"I told you it was him!" A guy with sea green eyes yelled out, brushing the dust off his shirt.

"Okay, you were right!" It was...the blonde girl!

I placed my hand on top of my black hair.

Wait a minute...

"Percy?" I asked. "Is that actually you?"

"I see you still remember me, Andrew."

I nodded dumbstruck.

"Annabeth, watch out!" Percy yelled out as a giant boulder nearly flattened the blonde girl or I guess her name is Annabeth...

"Take him--" Annabeth pointed at me. "To Camp. I'll deal with the Laistrygonian. Don't worry, Seaweed Brain, I'll be fine."

Then she ran off.

"Come with me if you want to live." Percy held out his hand and I hesitantly grabbed hold of it. He whistled a really loud whistle and a horse with wings landed in front of us.

"No donuts, Blackjack." Percy told the horse. Then he paused. "Later, okay? Now fly me and my friend here to Camp, please." Another pause. "Fine, I'll get you donuts later."

Then he hopped on the horse and making me sit behind him. It was awkward...

Then before I knew it, we shot up into the sky and I couldn't keep track of anything. I only regained my senses when we arrived at  a beach...Long Island Sound.

"Welcome, Andrew." Annabeth greeted.

"How did you get here so quickly?" I asked her.

"You blacked out for a while." Percy informed me. 


"Anyway," Annabeth continued. "Welcome Son of Hermes." She said looking above my head. "Welcome, to Camp Half-Blood."

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