Sasha Ekins

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I slowly fiddled with the purple tips I had on my dark brown hair. I eyed Connor Stoll who was talking to that stupid---I'm not even going to say it. Lou Ellen.

She may ook pretty on the outside but, apparently, I'm the only one who notices that sinister attitude she has behind that fake smile of hers.

"You really like him, don't you?" I turned around to see one of my best friends, Saige Robins (Don't worry, Saige will have a another chapter in her own POV)

"And you would care, why?" I asked him, slighly annoyed.

"We're friends, remember?"

"Right. Best friends."

"I just came here to say: Bye."

I sighed, sadly. "You're really transferring schools?"

"Yeah...I'll miss you though."

"I'll miss you too." I hugged her, while stroking her soft, red hair. "I can't believe you're leaving after spending nearly most of my life with you. It's gonna hard to get used to being without you."

"Hey," She broke the hug and looked into my dark green eyes. I stared back at her sparkling, blue eyes. "I know we'll meet someday, maybe not where we think we'll meet. Perhaps somewhere we've never been. If the Fate allow, we will see each other again..."

That was the last time I saw her...For a moment, I actually believed her...But, it was too good to be true...Right?

---------------TIME LAPSE--------------

It's been about a week since she left, I still couldn't deny my feelings for Connor though...

I stared out the window, not paying attention to my Math teacher. Math is boring with dyslexia and all. Unlike Physical Ed. where I get to hit those I hate like---Ehem,------with dodgeballs. She may be smart and pretty, but she sucks at dodgeball.

The weather was gloomy, I had a gut feeling something was going to happen...

"Ekins!" The teacher slammed her long ruler on my desk. "Are you paying attention?"

"S-sorry," I stuttered as I looked down. 

When the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, the teacher told me stay back. I saw Connor and Lou Ellen share concerned looks. But, they too left.

"Yes, Miss?" I asked. Something about her doesn't feel right.

She smiled. It wasn't the sweet smile she usually gave...It was the opposite.

Slowly she began to mutate. She grew into a snake-like lady and scared the fudge out of me.

"You sssshall come with me..." She hissed as she tried to grab my wrist. Luckily, I responded quickly enough.

I somersaulted, I didn't even know I could, and it felt like my body wasn't connected to my brain anymore. My brain was panicking. It kept on thinking the same thing over and over again: I'm going to die. But, my body said otherwise. It started to gather objects and threw it at the snake-lady with deadly accuracy. One ruler, even got stuck on her left hip.

I knew that sooner or later, I will tire out or run out of objects to throw. The snake-lady looked like this was her plan.

I edged and got trapped in one corner of the room.

This is it, I thought bitterly, I'm going to die.

Then I shut my eyes tight. After a few seconds I heard a pained hiss. I opened my eyes and saw Lou Ellen holding a knife and crouching behind a ile of golden dust.

"I knew it," She looked up at me. "I knew you were the demigod. You were the daughter of Ares Connor and I have been looking for."

I looked at her. "Thanks," I told her. "For saving me, that is."

"Hey," She stood up. "It's all in a day's work."

She explained to me about the Greek gods and well, everything I didn't understand.

She and Connor took me to some Camp. 

When I arrived ther, I realized two things: Lou wasn't what I thought she was and second, There are a lot of better looking people at this Camp.

That was when I saw her. She was with a dark-skinned girl and an Asian dude. They were laughing...

She turned and saw me. The only thing I could muster to say was...


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