Meryda Green #2

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"Omygosh" I breathed. "How the--? What the--?"

I just stood there...frozen, marveling at Thalia.

She slashed, hacked and striked blow after blow.

I didn't know how long I stood there. All I knew was that I had to leave. I had a feeling that I wasn't meant to see that.

"So?" A voice behind me asked.

I jumped a few feet away from where I originally stood.

"T-Thalia," I stuttered. "H-How did you...?" I pointed at where the monsters remains were.

"Meh..."She shrugged.

"Meh? MEH? I want more--"

"Answers. Got it. Here--" She handed me a brochure.

It showed girls with bows and seemed really cool.

"What--" I started.

"it's a brochure." She interrupted.

"I know it is but--"

"Do you have a disliking of boys? I know you do."

"Yes but--"




I sighed and told her to explain everything to me 1 at a time."

"This is going to take some explaining. Okay so..."

And that's when I became a huntress. Might I add: THE. BEST. CHOICE. I. EVER. MADE.






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