Nancy Bobofit

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"Stupid.." I muttered.

I'm Nancy Bobofit. I was a troubled child. Was. 

I changed. Now my life is perfect...Except for the fact that I was alone.

No friends. No family. No boyfriend.

 I knelt down and found a note. It was slightly torn and was kinda dirty.


I looked for the nearest trash can and as I was about to dump it there I saw notes scribbled on the note.

I'm not much of an eavesdropper but I couldn'rt resist. On it was:

You and Me together forever, Wise Girl.

-Seaweed Brain

There were a bunch of hearts circling Wise Girl.

What type of name was that?

I shrugged it off and dropped it in the bin.


I walked absent-mindedly towards the Pier.

I sat on a nearby bench.

I looked at passers-by with jealousy.

I looked down in shame for the way I was feeling.

Then I heard laughter.

My head snapped up to see a couple having a fun time.

One was a blonde with princess-like curls. She had a tall, tan body.

I was filled with envy and realized that the boy looked familiar.

He had raven black hair and a muscular build. 

They were both wearing orange shirts and had scars in some areas of their arms.

"I love you, Wise Girl." The boy said to the girl.

"Me too, Seaweed Brain." The blonde gave the guy a peck on the cheek.

"That's it?" He asked.

The girl pushed him to the side and muttered: "Seriously, Percy?"

My eyes got wide at that and i quickly walked away in the opposite direction.

It was their letter...

Could the guy be really the kid I bullied? If so, looks like I can't anymore...

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