Saige Robins

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I missed Sasha...

 But there's no point in keeping on remembering her. I had to keep moving forward.

"Hey," I heard Hazel speak. I look beside me." What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I told her and gave her a sly smile.I'm just...sad that's all..."Nothing to worry about Haze."

"Hm..." She didn't look satisfied with that reply but she kept her mouth shut.

I already knew about the Greek and Roman gods...I just couldn't wrap myself around it. Me. A demigod.A child of Ceres(i just thought it was appropriate considering the fact that she's with Romans) , the Roman form of Demeter, the goddess of---

I was interrupted from my train of thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked around and saw Taylor Hunt (@shadow_wolf0424, sorry, but I can't create on whole chapter for you because that's all you placed. Just Taylor Hunt so sorry.) He was the school's bully. He usually picks on girls. Especially me and Hazel. She hates both of us, considering the fact that he's afraid of Frank, Hazel's boyfriend.

"Look's like, your 'boyfriend'" He said making quotation marks in the air. "Isn't here to protect to you."

I was getting tired of him so I stood up, ignoring the fact that he was 5 inches taller than me. "Leave her alone." Ever since I found out about my parentage I became more confident.

"What did you just tell me, Robinhood?"

"I said leave her alone." You could definitely tell that anger radiated off of me because Hazel grabbed a hold of my hand. 

"Saige, forget him." She told me in hopes of calming me down.

I looked at her my eyes filled with determination, you could see in her face that she knew she couldn't do anything to stop me. I wasn't going to get bullied. Never again.

"Do you want to taste my fist?" I knew that wasn't very nice and that most boys don't do that, but he's an exception.

"I wouldn't want to, I bet it tastes like sweat."

"You mean like the sweat forming around your neck?"

"I bet you would have sweat around your neck, if you had one. But it looks like you can barely identify it from your face."

"Do you want to have your face disarranged."

"Like yours? I'd rather not."

"You really aren't going to back down, aren't you Robinhood?"

"I think you will."

"At least my Mom didn't disown me."

"That's it." I felt anger surge in my veins. "You just crossed the line." Slowly, wines busted through the windows, breaking them. Through the floor, throught the ceiling. Everywhere!

"I may be a nice person." I told him while the vines wrapped themselves around him. "But I do not tolerate MORTALS LIKE YOU!" The vines choked him until he fell unconscious. I wanted to do more. I wanted to kill him.

"Stop!" Hazel shrieked, snapping me out of my demeanor. "This isn't like you."

I glanced at myself through a glass shard from the window. I could see fire in my eyes, anger that I had tried to keep hidden all these years. I snapped out of my trance and released everything.

Leaving the place empty, excluding the broken windows and glass shards, and quiet.

I saw Hazel cradling Taylor's unconcious body.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

Hazel sighed. "You shouldn't keep on using your powers...Especially in the mortal world."

Then Frank burst into the room. "What happened?"

I looked at him and his eyes became disappointed.

"I'm sorry..." I lowered my head.

"Why not..." He started. "We bring you to Camp Half-Blood, ask your Greek siblings to teach to control your power."

To be honest, I was hurt that he wanted others to teach me. I wanted to teach myself...

"Fine." I told him. " won't be so bad."

----------------TIME LAPSE---------------

After about two weeks in Camp, I started to become more open. I loved that place! But I knew that my real place was in Camp Jupiter. But this is as Praetor Reyna told me..."My second home" And she was right.

I was just laughing at a joke Hazel said to me about a satyr and a naiad. When I saw her...



"What are you---" She interuppted me by hugging me.

"It's so good to see you again..." She told me, her tears soaking through my Camp Jupiter shirt.

"I feel the same way..."

I was right. The Fates wanted us to be together. My very first friend...

Camp Half-Blood just got better.

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