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I am sleeping when I feel someone shaking me.

"Wake up Alex something is wrong" Liam said.

I jump up out of the bed. "What are you doing in here Liam". Before he can answer I hear something break and feel not one but two bodies holding me. I haven't noticed till now that Amy was in here as well. I look down to them. "Listen up remember when I showed you the little room I found?"

"Yea" Liam said
"'es sissy" Amy said

She still has some speech problems but I can understand her well enough.  "Ok good. Now I need you guys to be very quiet and good for me ok. I'm going to put you guys in there and you cant come out until I come get you."

"No leawe sissy" Amy says and hugs me tighter.

I hear more things breaking and more yelling. I look at her and say "of course not but I gotta keep my princess and prince safe ok. I need you both to listen ok?" They both nod their heads.



I turn back to them and lead them to the closest. In the back of the closet there is this door that leads to the attic.  The door perfectly blends in with the wall so if you never knew about you can't tell the difference. How do I know? Well as a foster kid you learn you need to have way out. So to do that you gotta know the place your staying in. I found it my first day here. I open the door.

"Ok now go sit down and be quiet.  Look I even put some snacks up here and books. I will keep you two safe. Remember only come out when I get you." I kiss both of their forehead and close the door. When I close the closet door I hear a door slam. Then a minute later I hear someone walking upstairs. I hear her open the kids door but slams it back.

"You little shit your going to get it."

I prepare myself for a beating. I know your asking why don't I fight back? Well if I hit her she will just call my case worker to have me removed and that cant happen. I have to protect them. I dont know why I feel like I do but I do. She comes un the room looks at me with pure evil in her eyes.

"Did I say you can look you look at me you FREAK. NO I didn't. "

Slap slap

"This is all your and those little brats fault." She has something behind her. She takes is out and I can see it's a rolling pin. Fuck me this is about to hurt. She hit me in the back of my knee with it. I immediately fall to the ground with doing so she knees me in the face. Next thing you know she is kicking me and hitting me with the rolling pin.

"If I didnt take in the little girl come to find out she got siblings. Look at you you freak your parents didn't want you. Hell they didnt want none of you."

I'm trying my best to keep quiet so I wont scare the kids. While she is kicking me, I'm just protecting my head the best I can. Then I hear a crack sound. Fuck my ribs. I open my eyes a little I can see Liam.

"GO BACK" yell at him. Only for her to hit me hard with the pin on my leg crack. Shit my leg is broken. Liam comes running over.

"Stop it" I hear him

"Little shit there you are" she turns and hits him hard. He fall on the floor.

It takes all of the strength I have to get up and move her from above him.

"No you will not hurt them." She gets up with a knife. Where the hell did that come from.

"AWWW ITS THAT SWEET TRYING TO PROTECT YOU LITTLE SIBLINGS. YEP YOU HEARD ME YOUR ALL SIBLINGS THAT WHY WE HAD TO TAKE YOU. YOU KNOW I NEVER WANTED YALL.  WE HAD TO SO WE COULD KEEP THE HOUSE. BUT NOW I REALLY DON'T CARE. YOU HURT ME. NOW I GOTTA HURT YOU BACK." She come running at me I side step herand tripped her. I turn my attention to Liam as I hear him coming to. Next thing I felt was a sharp pain in my side. I turn to see that she stabbed me. I swing one good time. I knock her out. A minute later Amy runs out crying looking at Liam and I. I fall to the ground I'm losing a lot of blood. I crawl to the cell phone I set up that recorded the whole thing. Save it and email to myself. Liam and Amy comes over to me crying.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't take you screaming and grunting. I'm so sorry." Liam says to me.

"Hey it's ok. I will be ok but now we have to call the cops."

They both nod their heads knowing what that meant.

"I promise I will keep us together."

"911 what's your emergency"

"My foster mother stabbed me."

(Skip to the hospital)

I got the paramedics to put Liam and Amy in the back with me. Saying I won't go without them. After a two hour surgery.  We are all in my room Liam on the side of me that not hurt and Amy between my legs. I hear a knock on the door and in walks a nurse, two cops, and two case workers.

"We have some questions for you."...............................

Well that's all for this one. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment and tell me what yall think. Have a good one gals and guys


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