Chapter 10: Y/n vs. Riser's Peerage, Part 2

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Riser then ignites his fists with fire, let out his fiery wings that just looks like a phoenix and rushed to Samson at full speed who has a smirk on his face.

Riser then attacked Samson with a punch who only caught with Samson's hand and it create a strong winds that blew everything on its path. Samson then punched Riser but he dodge the punch by flying upwards. When Riser is in the air, he fires a barrage of fireball down to Samson.

When the fireballs is heading to Samson, it was only being deflected away with him by using his bare hands.

After deflecting away the fireballs you then fired a barrage of yellow ki blasts to Riser. While waiting the blasts hit him, he tried to deflect the blasts but he failed to do so. When a blast hit Riser, it cause a burn mark on his arm. Seeing his arm injured, he quickly regenerate.

Samson's mind - 'Tch. He regenerates so quick. Well this is annoying. I'm gonna finish this chicken with one shot.'

Riser - You think that blast will hurt me? Well you are wrong! For I am an Immortal devil. Hahahaha. He said proudly.

Samson - Yeah, yeah. I know. He said casually.

Riser - Tch. I hate this attitude of him. Being so casual on everything. He said to himself.

Samson then began to fly upwards in which Riser gasped in shock as well as the people watching on their fight. (Except for God, Archangel Michael and the rest of the angels)

Riser - How can a mortal fly without wings?

Samson - That thing doesn't matter to me. *as you made your battle stance* Come at me with everything you've got, Bird Brain. He said while smirking.

Riser was angered on what you have said and he said angrily,

Riser - Who are you calling me a Bird Brain, huh?!

Riser then rushed to Samson at full speed ready for a kick. Before Riser can kick Samson, Samson grabbed his right foot and toss him across the sky.

Riser - Wha!

Riser then made a backflip to recover. He then fired a barrage of fireball to Samson with his two fiery hands.

Samson then dodged the incoming fireballs by teleporting a fast rate dodging every single fireball.

Saji - Look how fast he was! He's so fast that I can't even see him moving! He said amazed.

Riser - Are you mocking me, Samson?! He yelled.

Samson - What if I said yes? He said as he deflected a fireball.

Riser - Then I'll kill you I have to. He said darkly as he block Samson's punch but Samson didn't flinch a bit.

Upon Samson punched Riser, he was knocked back.

After he was knocked back by Samson, Riser quickly recovered and rushed to Samson at his highest speed ready for a punch with his fists in fire. When Riser began to punch, Samson instantly disappeared and reappeared behind him.

Samson - Your so slow. He said cockily.

Riser then gritted his teeth and elbowed Samson in which he teleported again but this time he is on the ground.

Samson then pull out his tongue and he said,

Samson - What's the matter, Bird Brain? Can't keep up with my speed? He said trying to provoke Riser.

Riser - He's mocking me this whole time. Grrrr...

Yubelluna - Master do you want some assistance?

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