Chapter 7

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Austin's P.O.V

"She won't let both of us not be in class" I said

"Then you'll just have to live" she said

I tickled her side and she laughed. I love her laugh. I love everything about her. Not to sound like a girl. I looked at her neck and realized her necklace wasn't on.

"Hey where's your necklace you always wear" I said

"Shit I forgot to put it on this morning. That's why I felt naked" she said

I laughed.

"You felt naked" I said

"Yes now shut up" she said

I laughed and we went in the lunch line. Actually she went to the snack line to get a pretzel and a water. I got nachos with the boys. When I punched in my number I had to wait for them.

"Hurry up" I said

"Ameezy shut the fuck up" Alex said

I smacked his head. We walked outside to see her sitting down with the others. I sat next t her on her left an Alex on her right and Zach across from me and Robert across from Alex.

"Guys these are good friends of ours Alex, Robert, and Zach" Court said

They all introduced theirselves. We all ate and talked having a good time. Soon Courtney got up and walked away. We all looked at her.

"Um ok" Alex said

Weird. The bell rang and we had to go to last period. I went to our locker and saw she was standing there waiting.

"Why did you get up and walk away" I asked

She held up some worksheets.

"I got us out of last period. That's why. We are in students services" she said

I grinned and pecked her lips.

"How" I asked

"I have my ways. But if we mess around they will send one of us back or both" she said

"You'll be the one who gets sent back" I said

She stuck her tongue out at me.

-few months later-

Courtney's POV

So it's been a few months and the music video we were working is finished and hasn't been aired yet. But turned out great. Anyways Austin's career has bloomed. He has been writing and realizing songs like crazy. Been doing music videos as well. He does homeschool now. I haven't seen him much which is a little sad but it's whatever. I have applied to colleges and even in the UK. I have gotten really close with Harry.

Austin has been a little distant lately but it's whatever.

"Court" I heard my name which snaps me out of focus and I look and see my dad. They boys left right after the music video was done which was four months ago. It's almost Thanksgiving and we are heading to the UK today. So I'm not going to school which doesn't matter because we go on break tomorrow.

"I just have to say bye to Austin" I said. And with that I head over next door. I knock on his door and Alex answers.

"Hey Ac is Austin here"I ask

"Yeah he is downstairs with Becky. They are working on their new song" he says and I nod and little sad. I head downstairs and I hear noises. But not voices. I look around the corner and see them sucking each other's face off. I am beyond pissed and hurt. When they pull away Austin notices me.

"Court it's not what it looks like" he says which makes Becky snap her head towards me.

"It's over bro and don't fucking call me that. My name is Courtney"I say and turn on my heels and run upstairs. They boys were in the living room with his mom. And they noticed the tears.

"What happened Court" Ac asks

"Courtney wait please" I hear Austin yelling coming up the stairs

"Austin and I are done. Over. And Austin you can tell them why and then you can go back to making out with Becky. Don't want to keep her waiting long" I say and look at Austin then I walk out hearing them all yell at him. I get in the car.

"What happened sweetie" my dad asks. See my mom and sister are already up there. They left yesterday.

"Austin cheated on me. So I broke up with him. I went to go say bye and he was kissing Becky and when he say me I could tell it wasn't the first time" I say wiping my tears

"That little shit. No one gets away with hurting my little girl" my dad says and he goes to turn around.

"Dad I just wanna get out of here. Please let's just go" I say to him and he nods.

(After the plane ride)

"Ok sweetie we are staying with uncle Si while we are here?" My dad says as we pull up to his house. Once he parks we get out and take our stuff inside. Austin and the crew plus his mom have been blowing up my phone but I've ignored all of them. Even Becky got my number and messaged me. Which pissed me off even more. I reached the room I would be staying in only to see Harry standing right there with a huge smile on his face which quickly change when he saw my puffy eyes.

"What's wrong love?" He asks pulling me into a hug

"You don't know how happy I am to see you. But um Austin cheated on me with Becky G. I found out today when I went to go say bye to him" I say with tears falling and he just pulled me closer

"Awe cupcake I'm sorry. You don't deserve that and he doesn't deserve you"Harry says just holding me.


"Are you ready Court" my uncle asks and I nod.

"Born ready" I say signing the contract. My parents don't know yet but I signed to my uncle's record label. He heard me singing in the shower and wanted to sign me and of course I wanted too. We've only been here for a week and a half and I don't want to leave.

"Ok so we have to talk to your parents about moving here" he says and I got a little nervous because no one knows what just happened. I nod and we head downstairs to the living room where my parents are.

"Mum and Dad can I talk to you please" I ask

"Sure honey but we have something to say first, since it's your last year of school and your due to graduated the second you go back to school because you've been a head we decided to move here to the UK and to London, I missed my family and missed the scenery and your mother and sister loves it here so we talked and we hope your not mad" my dad says and I just smile big

"I'm more then happy because that's what I was gonna ask you because Uncle Si gave me a singing contract and I signed it"I say and my parents hug me.

"We are so proud of you sweetie. We know how much you love to Sing"my mother says

"What about our stuff" I ask

"Well sweetie school starts back up tomorrow so we are leaving today to go pack the house up and your going to school tomorrow to say goodbye and get your diploma and stuff. So we will be here for Christmas" my dad says. And I just hugged him

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