Chapter 1

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Courtney's P.O.V

HIIIII!!! My name is Courtney. I'm an allstar cheerleader so I'm fit. I have long blonde hair and I'm tan. I'm 5'2 with blue eyes. You know Simon Cowell is my uncle. Cool right. I love in Miami though. So basically to sum it up I'm Courtney. Lol. I don't know anymore.

"Court hurry up we have cheer" Haley said

"I'm coming" I said

I tied my cheer shoes and grabbed my cheer bag. I ran downstairs to grab my drinks. Haley cheers with me. I grabbed my phone and wristlet with keys hooked to it off the counter. We get outside and I lock my door. No one is home.

I stayed home from school today because I'm sick. I dot feel well but still have to go. We've had special guests these past two weeks an I don't know why. And I don't know who. I'm on a coed team. Level 5. Sassy Divas. Anyways I'm driving because Haley doesn't have her license.

We get in the car an I put my stuff in the back seat. I put my keys in the ignition and bring my car to life. Afterward I fix my mirrors and put my seatbelt on. Then I put it in reverse and pull out of my driveway. When I was out of my driveway I put it in drive and started driving.

Country music was playing softly in the background. I'm not feeling todays practice.

"I'm not feeling todays practice" Haley said

"Same here. I was just thinking that. An what makes it worse I'm sick" I said

"How did you even get sick in the first place" she asked

"Probably from people at school. Idk I woke up this morning sick" I said

"That sucks" she said

I nodded. I pulled into the gym and found a parking space. I parked tree and killed the ignition. We got out and I opened the back door and grabbed my things. Then I locked my car and walked inside. When we walked in the office I looked at the board. Showroom. Thank The Lord.

"You look dead" Coach Heather said

"Thanks. I don't feel good" I said

I sniffed. We walked into the viewing room. Payton ran up to me with Ava.

"Hey girls" I said

"Are you sick" Payton asked

"Yeah I am" I said

"Awe hope you feel better" Ava said

"Thank you" I said

"Sassy divas warehouse now. The little ones are getting the showroom again" my coach said

Just great. I set my bag down and got in lines on the mat. We stretch on our own. So we all stretched on our own.

"when your done stretching go into the corners of the mat and warm up tumbling" Dexter said

Gosh gotta love him.

"Girl you look pale" he said

"Yeah I dot feel good" I said

"Ooh girl and you still came" he said

"Well yeah" I said

"Ok then. Get in a corner" he said

I nodded and went to a corner. I'm the last one in line. I kept stretching though. It wen by quickly because I was up.

"Remember Court when you front punch make it big in the beginning to give to the power and height to finish it strong" Christy said

"Alright thanks" I said

I ran and did my front punch front walkover cartwheel roundoff double back handspring front punch roundoff back handspring back tuck double full. As I landed I fell and rolled back.

"It was better but when you land be tighter so you don't fall like that again" Dexter said

I nodded. Kyle helped me up.

"Set up jumps" Christian said

We have like four coaches.

"Captains take over jumps" Dexter said

Kyle and I went to the front.

"So wanna start with toe touches" he asked me

I nodded. Kyle started counting. We did three more.

"Alright five in a row" I said

We did five in a row and had to do them again.

"Go run. Your not tight and your talking" Christian said

We all got in lines and walked outside. I have to lead them. As we have to do five around the building. When we got to the spot we started running. When we got to the third lap and half way around the building I had to go through the door and to the bathroom. When I got there I threw up. Anthony kept having them run.

When I finished I flushed the toilet an washed my hands. Then I rinsed my mouth out. Afterwards I walked out of the bathroom get ting ready to run again.

"Courtney you not running sit out and wait until they are done" Anthony said

I nodded. I grabbed a drink of water. I went inside to see if they had medicine.

"Here you go" Kimmie said

"Thanks" I said

I walked back out and they had to run again. I took the medicine and put my water down after I took a drink. I bent over to get a breather.

"Alright bring them in" Christy said

Anthony gathered them and they came in and took a long ass drink.

"Are you sure your ok you look like your gonna pass out" Kyle asked

"Yeah I just had to get rid of whatever was in my system" I said

"Alright set it up from the opening. We will run it full out three times then get a drink" Dexter said

We set it up and the music started playing. We have to show the whole gym tonight how far we've come. I went to my basket toss and loaded in. When they dipped me I went up and did a kick double full and when I was coming down they didn't catch me in time so I fell. It knocked the wind out of me.

"Stop the music" Anthony said

They start crowding me.

"Guys back up and give her space" Christian said

And they did. I soon could breathe normal again. Anthony gave me a hand and I stood up.

"Let's set it back up" I said

"You sure" Christy asked

"Yeah" I said

It was our third time through it so yeah.

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