Chapter 6

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Courtney's P.O.V

"Bæ why you out of it today" D'Shaun said

"I'm tired leave me alone" I said

"Hurtful" he said

"D'shaun please she isn't feeling well and she is just cranky" Austin said

I punched his arm.

"I am so not cranky" I said

"Are to" D'shaun said

"Fuck all of y'all then" I said

"Ok when and where" he said

Austin smacked his head and I laughed.

"Ready for history" D'shaun said

"No fuck that teacher" I said

"Babe watch your mouth" Austin said

"Sorry" I said

He handed me my history things when we got to my class.

"Ah whose in this class" Alex said making me jump

"When did you get here" I said

"Just now" he said

"Oh I have this class Austin has a different history teacher" I said

"Oh cool Robert has this class" he said

"Yay I'm happy now" I said

Austin glared at Alex.

"Thanks AC" he said

"Your welcome" Alex said smiling

"Alright I have to get to class I love you baby" Austin said

"Love you to" I said

I pecked his lips and he hugged me. When we let go he went to his history class. I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out and it was a text from Austin.

My baby: I'll meet you at your door for lunch

Me: ok have fun in class

I put my phone away an walked into class with Alex. I saw Robert sitting in the front.

"Rob you don't want to sit in the front come on let's go to the back" I said

He got up and us three went to the back and took the last three seats.

"Good afternoon class" Mr.Creepy said

That's not his real name but that's what everyone calls him.

"Looks like we have two new students" he said

Came in the back and put his dick in my face. I didn't look. And he spat on me while he talked. When he walked way I turned around and saw them laughing.

"Fuck you" I said

"Turn around" Alex said

We opened our books and took notes the whole period. I had to share my text book with them.

"Alex and Robert you need a textbook. Courtney take them to the media center" he said

Thank The Lord. We got up and I took the tennis racket. We walked to the hall and the media center.

"Don't even talk about it" I said

They laughed.

"That was funny. Awe Court you don't like it" Robert said

We walked by administrative office when I hit Robert with the tennis racket.

"Courtney don't hit the new students with the tennis racket" Mr.downy said

"But I know them" I said

"Oh ok" he said

I smiled and we walked into the library.

"You might want to get it fast we have lunch in a few" I said

They grabbed the books and checked out. We walked fast back to the classroom dying of laughter.

"I could hear you three all the way down the hall" he said

"And" I said

"Mr.Downy now Courtney" he said

I shrugged. I grabbed my things and walked back down to there. I mean we only have like fifteen minutes.

"What are you doing back here"Ms. Collin said

"We were laughing when we got back to the classroom and he could here us down the hall so I said 'and' then he threw me out. But it's ok I hate him" I said

They laughed. I sat in Ms. Collins office finishing my notes.

"We might switch you out of that class even Alex and Robert" Mr.Downy said coming in

"Please I hate that teacher he put his dick in my face again and he spat on me" I said

They laughed.

"We have to talk to guidance" Ms.Collins said

Soon the bell rings.

"Can I come back after lunch" I asked

"Ask your last period teacher and get your work" Mr.Downy said

"But that's so much work" I said

"You'll be fine" Ms.Collins said

"Fine" I said

I grabbed my things and walked to my class where Austin is meeting me.

"Wow you got sent out again" Marie said

"What can I say" I said

Austin looked at me walking down the hall.

"Where were you" he asked

"Mr.Downy office" I said

"Why what did you do now" he said wrapping his arm around my shoulders

"Well they had to go get their textbooks so we went and as we were coming back we were laughing and apparently he could here us so I said and then he threw me out. But it's ok we only had like fifteen minutes left. And I'm going to try and get out of last period" I said

"Only you" Austin said laughing

"I know" I said

"But you can't. I won't be able to see you" he said

"You'll be fine unless you try to get out if it to" I said

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