Chapter 2

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Courtney's P.O.V

So we went full out like more than ten times and I fell a lot. It was a bad night for me. And threw up a few times. But now the whole gym is here and it's our last time going full out tonight. We are last since we are the highest level.

"Hey Annie" I said

"Hey girl. Are you ok. You fell pretty hard a few times tonight" she said

"Yeah just don't feel good" I said

She nodded.

"Last but not least Sassy Divas" Mikey said

We got up and got set. It has not been our best practice. When it was the tumbling sequence I went last.

"COME ON COURT YOU CAN DO IT" my friends/ coaches yelled

I ran and did my front punch front walkover cartwheel roundoff double back handspring front punch roundoff back handspring back tuck double full. I landed it perfectly and added sass to the end. The gym went crazy. When it came to the dance we worked it I knew this was our best performance of the night.

When we finished we sat right back down. A lot of our teammates were mad at each other. I know our coaches are impressed with us tonight. I'm not either. Soon the gym director went to the middle of the mat.

"So the last two weeks we've had special guests watch you guys closely. We didn't want you to know who so when they come out I want you to not go crazy and stay seated. but for now give it up for one direction" she said

I had my head in my arms on my lap. I'm just not feeling good at all today.

"So what we have been doing is watching you guys because we are making a music video and we want it to be more realist than something you want to happen or cool that won't happen in real life. We want it to be fun and exciting" Liam said

I know their voices pretty well.

"We've picked the cheerleaders we all agreed on that would be perfect. We think all of you did an amazing job but we picked only eight. We didn't do this out of favoritism we picked these cheerleaders because thought they stood out to us" Harry said

"So first up we have Ava from mini level 2" Niall said

"We also from that level we have Payton" Louis said

"Now Jr. level 4 we have Taylor" Zayn said

"Sr.1 we have Meghan" Liam said

"Sr.3 we have Annie" Harry said

"SR.5 we have Kyle" Niall said

"The last are from level five so next we have Michael" Louis said

"An last but not least we've watched this one specifically because she caught our eye from the beginning. Everyday she was here her team would support her and she would support them and the gym. Today wasn't her best day but everyone has a ruff day so put your hands together for Courtney McKinley" Zayn said

My head shot straight up and my team was pushing me on to the floor. The gym was clapping. I walked over to the rest. Why did they pick me. The gym clapped for us.

"Thank you for letting us do this Tony" Liam said

"No problem" he said

"We wanted to say you all did really good. Cheer is hard and you all rock at it. So keep up the good work" Niall said

Kyle hugged me and so did Mikey. I looked at Kyle and he got the message to have our team in the showroom.


They got up and I grabbed my things. Kyle and I walked in with the coaches. When we got there they were all talking.

"YO LISTEN UP" I yelled

I started coughing.

"I'm not proud if you guys tonight. I have nothing to say except for congrats to you three. Look you guys were really chatty today and not clean. Courtney was sick. Practically dying and still showed up and worked more than any of you" Anthony said

"Do you have to use me" I said

"Yes honty I do so deal with it" he said

I laughed.

"Any other coach wants to say anything" he asked

They shook their head.

"Captains" Dexter said

"Only one thing. I'm disappointed in this team" Kyle said

"What about you Court" he added

"I'm more than disappointed. Stop being mad and angry at you teammates. Or your coaches. If anything be pissed off at yourselves. Y'all did a half ass job today. This is our worst practice. I expect better. Next practice I don't want anyone whining. Complaining. Being disrespectful to our coaches. Their here on the own for us. They don't have to be here and coach us. Also I want you to apologize to our coaches and teammates for how we all acted" I said

"We're sorry" they said in union

"Now bring it in. I want a better practice next time" I said

"Everybody hands in" Kyle said

"Divas on 3 Divas on 3"




"DIVAS" we yelled and broke

I got my keys out of my bag and headed outside. My coaches hugged me.

"Congrats. You deserve it. And hope you get better soon" Anthony said

"Thanks" I said

I waved good bye and walked to my car. I got in and started the ignition. I put y seatbelt on and Ava opened the backseat. Yeah she is my sister.

"Where were you" I said

"Talking to my coaches" she said

"Yeah well sit down and buckle up" I said

"Cranky" she said

"I don't feel good so hurry up so I can drove home" I said

I heard the click and turned the music off. I out it in reverse and pulled out of the parking spot. I put it in drive and drove out of the gym's parking lot. On the drive back home it was quiet. I turned the air up.

"Can you put music on please" Ava asked

I nodded and turned the radio on. I put low. When we got home I killed the ignition and got out. I opened the backseat and helped Ava out. Afterwards I shut the door ad locked my car. I grabbed her hand and walked up to the front door. I opened it up and saw people in the living room.

"Hey honey how are you feeling" mom asked

"Sick. Worse. Like I'm going to die" I said

"Awe honey go take a shower and relax. I'll be up to hear about practice" she said

I nodded. I didn't even notice the guest. I walked upstairs to my room. I locked my door and went into my bathroom. I locked the door and turned the shower on. I looked in my cabinets to see if I had any towels in there. Great I don't. I unlocked the door and unlocked my bedroom door. I walked downstairs and in the laundry room. Yup my towels were folded on the dryer.

I grabbed them and wen back upstairs.

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