Chapter 3

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Courtney's P.O.V

I just finished my shower and getting dressed. I have plain black nike pros on and a orange tribal nike sports bra.

"Court. Austin is here"mom said

I unlocked my door and walked downstairs. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a Gatorade. Oh Alex is here to. Cool.

"How you feeling" Austin asked

"Like I'm on my death bed" I said

We walked into the living room and now I saw who our other guest were. I hugged my uncle.

"How are you love" he asked

"Terrible" I said

"Oh I'm sorry. Anyways boys this is my niece Courtney and where is the little one" Uncle Si said

"She is probably a sleep in the shower again. I'll go check on her" I said

"Why is Ava asleep In the shower" Alex said

"Alex can you wrap her in a towel please. I'll be up in a sec" I said

"Sure" he said

"Well that's my cue. Nice meeting you" I said

I walked upstairs with Austin behind me. When we got to the bathroom Austin grabbed Ava from Alex and I grabbed her clothes off the bathroom floor and put them in her hamper. I grabbed clean clothes out and put them on her. Austin put the towel in her hamper.

"She'll wake up in three, two, one" I said

"How did I get to my room" she said

"How'd you know she would wake up" Alex said

"If she falls asleep in the shower and I get her out and dress her she wakes up because she doesn't feel the water" I said

"Wow that's interesting" Austin said

"Ava let's go Uncle Si is downstairs" I said

She jumped off her bed so fast an ran downstairs fast. We walked down and my head was on Austin's shoulder. Austin and I are dating.

"I thought you were asleep in the shower" my uncle said

"Yeah well I woke up duh" she said

Austin, Alex and I decided to go to my room. When we got there I shut the door ad took a drink of my Gatorade. Austin sat on my bed and I walked over and laid my head on his lap and laid down.

"You feel warm" he said

"Thank you captain obvious" I said

"Hurtful" he joked

"Good" I said

"Now your just plain rude" he said

"Sorry" I said

"It's ok. Sorry I couldn't take care of you today. I couldn't miss my rehearsal" he said

"It's fine Mahone" I said

"Ok McKinley" he said

"I cold" I said

"But your warm" Alex said

"Alex shut up. And come here" Austin said

I rolled over in his arms and Alex went to the side I was on.

"Hey AC can you hand me my Gatorade" I said

"Sure" he said

I grabbed it from him and took a drank. I handed it back to him.

"Austin I think you got me sick" I said

"How" he said

"You were sick last week" I said

"Oh yeah sorry about that" he said

Alex was laughing but I kicked him. I just had to smirk.

"OW" he yelled

Soon I heard running and my door opened.

"Are you ok" Ava asked

"Yeah I just kicked him" I said

"Oh ok. By the way it's dinner time" she said

"Oh and mom wants to know if you two are stay for dinner" she added

"No my mom is making dinner and expecting us to be back" Austin said

"Awe tell her I said hi" I said

"Come by after dinner" Alex said

"Yeah you think my mom will let me out of the house" I said

"Try at least" Austin said

"Ok fine" I said

Austin it up an I got on his back. I always do this. He walked downstairs and Ava was on Alex's back. When we came into view my parents awed. They should be use to it we do it all the time. I got down and walked them to the door. Alex walked out with Ava on his back.

"Ava get off. We will see them later" I said laughing

She poured but got down. Austin went to kiss me but I backed away.

"You got me sick and I'm not getting you sick. You don't need to be sick again" I said

"But Court I don't care" he said

"Yes you do. Think of your fans. They want you healthy. They love you" I said

"They want you healthy to. Plus they adore you" he said

"Whatever you say. Now go before your mom comes over and drags you away" I said

"Ok bye I love you" he said

"Love you to" I said

He kissed my forehead and left. I shut the door and walked into the kitchen.

"You and Austin are so cute together" my mom said

"Mom stop" I said blushing

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