Chapter 4

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Courtney's P.O.V

"I made your favorite for dinner" mom said

"YEE" I said

"Your spending to much time with Austin" my dad said laughing

"It's a gift. Embrace it" I said

The others laughed. I sat down and started eating chicken bacon chowder my mom made. And boy was it good. I finished before Ava.

"Mom can me and Ava go next door for a few minutes. Please" I said

"Sure but is your homework done" she said

"Yeah it was to save the environment" I said

"And what did you do" dad asked

"I saved I by not wasting paper to do my homework" I said

They laughed.

"No but seriously I didn't go to school today" I added

"Oh yeah. Ava what about you" dad said

"Yes daddy I did" she said

"Ten yes but Ava needs to be back before her bedtime" my mom said

I nodded and put my bowl in the sink. I grabbed Ava and we ran next door. I opened the door and momma mahone was in the living room.

"Oh hey girls" she said

"Hey" I said

"How are you feeling" she said

"Better but still sick" I said

"That's good. The boys are out back" she said

"Thank you" I said

She nodded. I walked out back and Ava stayed inside. When I went outside I saw two more bodies. Wtf?!?

"Court come here" Alex said

I walked over and saw Robert and Zach. I hugged Robert first and then Zach.

"What are you boys doin here" I asked

"We are living here now and going to your school" Zach said

"Are you serious" I said

"Yes we are" Robert said

I hugged them again.

"Look I would love to stay and catch up but I have to get Ava back before her bedtime and we have company over" I said

"It's ok we will catch up tomorrow" Zach said

I nodded an walked inside.

"Are you going to school tomorrow" she asked

"Yes I can't miss another day. Even though it was for one day" I said

"Good the boys needs to be shown around" she said

I laughed.

"I would love to stay and chat but I have to get her back and plus we have company over" I said

"That's fine sweetie I'll see you girls tomorrow" she said

I nodded and grabbed Ava. We walked outside and to our house. When we got inside they were all in the living room. We decided to join them. I sat next to my dad.

"So how was practice Ava" mom asked

"Great. But do you remember Angie. Well she kicked Payton in the face on purpose" Ava said

"That is mean" mom said

"Right" she said

"Court how was practice" dad asked

"Oh kill me now" I said

"That bad" mom said

"No worse. We had to run a lot. Which the first time I ran I couldn't finish the laps without having to go to the bathroom. Then for tumbling I couldn't land it. Oh and for stunts they didn't catch me so I fell hard on the mat. An what makes it worse they wouldn't stop talking" I said

"Wow. That's um..... yeah" dad said

"Exactly. I thought I was on two death beds" I said

"She did fall pretty hard" Louis said

"Thank you captain obvious" I said

"Sorry when it's not a good practice as is just rude" Ava said

"I so am not" I said

"Are to" she said

"Ok maybe I am" I said

"But so are you" I added

"Am not" she said

"Are to. As isn't it your bedtime" I said

"Maybe" she said

"Ava bedtime" mom said

"Can uncle Si put me to bed please" she said

"I would love to" he said

"I'm going to bed. I'm to tired" I said

"Night" mom said

I waved them off. As I got to my door Uncle So just got out of Ava's room. He came over and kissed my forehead. I went in my room and turned the light off. I laid in my bed and plugged my phone in. I set my alarm and closed my eyes.

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