Chapter 11

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Cas' P.O.V.

It's my birthday. Being 18 feels no different than being 17. I woke up this morning to a partly naked Dean. Last night was perfect. I gave him all the presents he wanted. Everything felt great. "Good morning and happy birthday angel." Dean said in a groggy sleep voice. "Thank you and good morning to you to babe." He leaned over and kissed me I kissed back. "I've got plans for us tonight, I think your going to like it." "Okay, what time do you want me ready?" "We are leaving at 7:30 so it's almost dark." "Okay, I'll be ready."

I got up and walked into Gabe's room. He's sitting on his bed kissing Sam. "Hehemm." I mumble too get his attention. They stop kissing and Gabe looks at me in disapproval. "What do you want Cas?" "Well Gabe, we need to go to the courthouse and move stuff into the apartment, and Sam you have to go to your apartment with Dean." they both shake their heads as I leave the room. Its 11:04 A.M. So I go to the kitchen and make a bowl of cereal. Dean is already sitting in the living room watching The Price is Right. "Dean, mooooove over." He's taking up the whole couch. He shakes his head no so I sit my bowl of cereal down and sit on him. "Ouch Cas, that hurt." "Well move then." He moved after I punched him a couple times. I ate my cereal and went upstairs and got ready. I threw on some blue jeans and one of Deans AC/DC shirts. I went and knocked on Gabe's door and he answered with a "hang on Cas, I'm almost ready, just go downstairs and wait!" I did as he requested and went and sat with Dean again. "Be careful angel, please?" "I promise baby, promise."

Gabe and I are leaving the courthouse to go to the the house then the apartment. "We are going to pack our clothes and some other things." Gabe shakes his head and I drive us back to the house. "Go to the garage and get 2 cardboard boxes, please Gabe." "I'll get two boxes, for me. You get yours." I shook my head and walked with Gabe to the garage. We got the boxes and went inside and packed only things that were really important. "You ready Cas? You're really slow." I hear Gabe mumble as I walk down the stairs. "Go get in the car, we gotta go, I gotta be ready soon."

Deans P.O.V.

"The apartment looks nice." I told Sam. "Yeah it does." "Sam, I know this is all I've talked about all day but are you sure he will say yes? I'm so nervous." "Yes Dean, he loves you, you do everything for him and he does everything for you. He's gonna say yes." I walk over and hug Sam and say "thanks" and go sit on our couch. It's 6:00 P.M. so I'm going to take a shower so I'm ready for Cas.

Cas' P.O.V.

We get to the apartment at 6:45 P.M. "Shit." I mumble. "What?" Gabe asked. "I got to get ready, Dean wants to take me out for my birthday." l go jump in the shower and when I get out it's 7:00. I got to pick up the pace. I brush my teeth and just throw blue jeans and a black V-neck t-shirt. At 7:27 Dean knocked on our door. "Hey angel, ready?" "Yeah, Gabe if you want you can go over to Deans and be with Sam for a while." He shook his head and got up and went to Dean and Sam's apartment. "Let's go Cas." Dean said and took my hand and we went.

When we got where he was taking me I was confused. "Dean, where are we?" "Well my angel, when I was younger my "uncle" Bobby would bring me and Sam here to see the sunset and watch the stars." We were in a field but there was a ledge that we went and laid near it. "It's beautiful out here Dean, I really love this. Almost as much as I love you."

Deans P.O.V.

This is it, I have to do it now. "I'm glad you love me, but Castiel Novak, will you marry me? I want to be with you forever." He looked startled, but happy. "YES DEAN! YES YES YES!!" He yelled in excitement and hugged me and I kissed him. "Hey, I love you Novak." I told him. "Forever Winchester?" "Forever Novak."

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