Chapter 6

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Sam's P.O.V. (YAY)

I wake up next to Dean forgetting that we stayed at Gabe and Cas' house last night. All the memories of last night flooded my brain. From Dean coming out, to me admitting my feelings, to the kiss. Now most of my feelings for Dean were fading and the only person who I really liked was Gabriel. I slipped out of the bed trying not to wake Dean and walked out of the room to Gabe's room. Its 10:37 A.M. I assume he's awake.

I go in and see an awake Gabe on his phone. "Hey Gabe, good morning," he looks over to me. He is so perfect. Anyone would be lucky to have him. "Hey Sammy, mornin." 

Gabriel's P.O.V. (DOUBLE YAY)

Sam is so perfect. I honestly like him. He knows I'm bisexual and I know that he is too. I just don't think he likes me back. He walks over to my bed and plops down next to me. "Gabe, confession time, again." I'm scared to know what he's going to say. "I like you, a lot and after I lost feelings for Dean last night I realized how much I like you, I haven't known you long but will you be my boyfriend?" he asks and I know he was scared he'd get a bad answer. "YES SAM, YES YES YES!!" I whisper trying not to scream. 

Now this perfect boy that is sitting next to me is my boyfriend and he is mine, nobody else can have him. I look over to see Sam staring at me he looks away and blushes, he is so cute when he's embarrassed, his dimples showing, face red. I bring his attention back to me and kiss him, soft and slow. He kissed back and didn't reject the kiss. I knew then I was his, nobody else can have me now, and I want it to stay this way forever.

Deans P.O.V. 

I wake up and see that Sam has already left the room. Its 11:02 A.M. so I get up and go to Cas' room to see a still sleeping Cas'. He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. I go over and sit in bed beside him. I lean over and kiss him softly and he slowly wakes up, realizes it's me and kisses back. "Good morning babe." "Good morning Dean." He sits up and says "my parents are at work, lets go make some breakfast." I like this idea because I can always eat. "Okay babe, I'll go see if Gabe and Sam want anything." I walk to Gabe's door and knock. "Morning Dean, how's it going?" "Perfect Gabriel, would you or Sam like any breakfast? Cas and I are going to make something. He takes a minute to ask Sam and then tells me that they will make something later.

I go downstairs and see that Cas has already started making pancakes for him and I. "The boys didn't want anything.." I tell Cas and go to the fridge to get some eggs and set them down on the counter. Cas got a pan out so I could start cooking them. When he I was done cooking he had already set out plates for us. How sweet. "Damn Cas, you can cook!" It was true this food was the best I've had in a long time. "Not so bad yourself Winchester." Well I didn't think mine was all that good but okay. When we were done eating I took the plates and put them in the sink and we went back up to his room. "Thank you for breakfast Cas, it's the best food I've had in months." "Well I didn't make all of it, you helped and I never thought you'd be the cooking type, but now I want you to cook for me more." "I'll keep that in mind Novak.." 

He looks so perfect sitting on his bed, daydreaming. I walk over to him lift his chin up so he is looking at me. "Castiel Novak, you're so perfect, I don't want anyone else to ever have you, ever." Then I kissed him, picked him up. He wrapped his legs around me and I pushed him up against the wall. I kissed him harder and he ran his fingers through my hair. I licked his bottom lip asking to enter and he allowed. God my life couldn't get better, I thought, but it could get worse.

My phone rang from across the room. "Hello?" "Boy, get your brother and get to the hospital, your dad was in a terrible accident." It was Ellen. I dropped my phone and ran go get Sam. "SAM!!! Dad's at the hospital we have to go! C'mon now!" This was the worst day of my life.

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