Chapter 3

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Deans P.O.V

Its 7:30 A.M. no human should have to wake up this early and go to school for 7 hours. My thoughts are cloudy as I go to to my car. God I love this car so much, 67' Chevy Impala, my baby. My thoughts drift to Castiel. How did I like this boy so much? I'm straight, well maybe I don't even know anymore. I've dated a few girls this month but I don't really click anymore. And maybe I am bisexual, or just gay. I don't even know anymore. I saw Sam down the hallway.. With? Gabriel. Well that was fast, where's Castiel?

I walk up to Sam and tap his shoulder. "Hey Dean!" he says happily. "This is Gabe..." I cut him off. "I know Sam while you were out last night I met him, and his brother Castiel." There's anger in my voice because he was out all night and didn't get in until midnight. I look over at Gabriel and say "where's your brother Gabe?" He pointed to the main office "he is still getting his schedule." I said thanks and walked toward the office and saw the boy in the trench cost come out. Dean smiled his way and walked up.

"Hey Cas!" I was so happy to see him. He smiled big and "Hey Dean!" he said back and i smiled. he makes me want to be better person and I just met the kid. "Schedule?" I said pointing at the paper he just brought out of the main office. "Great, we have 6 out of 7 classes together!" I was so much happier then. "Well that's like the whole day I get to see your face." I was now blushing and thinking did he really like me? "We should get to our first class Cas." He shook his head and we went on to class.

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