Chapter 14

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Xavier's POV

'She knows we're beloveds! She knows!' I can't stop chanting in my head.

"Xavier? Are you okay?" my beloved's melodious voice made snap my head to her.

I didn't say anything but carried her by her slim waist and stood up pulling her up with me.

"Ahhh! Xavier! What the fuck?" Makayla screamed in shock.

I buried my nose in her hair and inhaled filling my nostrils with her amazing scent. I wonder how her other scent is like.

Well, if you guys are confused, us supernaturals have two scents. One scent is to different shade what you are, the other, which is the one in breathing in, is your own unique scent. Every supernatural has their own special scent for their mates to recognize them without looking directly into their mates eyes. The scent is the strongest for mates but everybody is able to smell it, just much weaker.

My Kay kept punching my chest wanting me to let her go but I have an iron grip on her. That's right. MY Kay.

"Why? I like you in my arms. You belong here," I say smirking.

"And I like my feet on the fucking ground," she shot back. Tsk tsk tsk... Such a foul language.

I gripped the back of her thighs and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling her closer to me.

I kissed her ear lobe and whispered lowly, " Now now, sweetie. Such ugly words shouldn't be coming out of your pretty little mouth," I gained satisfaction when I felt her shiver and pull herself closer, if it is even possible.

"Oh baby, as much as I would love to satisfy your 'needs', we need to go. It's getting dark," I say putting her down gently. I'm pretty sure my eyes are black with lust right now.

She nodded her head and we both got our things. We walked back down to my car together, hand in hand.

I opened the car door for her and let her slide in, admiring her gracefulness and agility.

After I got in myself, we left the waterfall. Makayla told me her address just now so I would know how to get to her house.

I was driving down the narrow and windy road, when I turned my head slightly to see Makayla has fallen asleep. Wow, she really is tired out.

We soon got to her house and I stopped my car. I admired my beloved's beautiful, innocent, happy face as she sleeps for a while before getting out and heading towards the passenger side.

I gently carried her up and carried her bridal style. I walked towards her front door and rang the bell.

I felt Makayla shift her weight a little and at first I thought she was trying to get out of my hold, which really hurt me. All of my hurt left when I felt her pressing her cheek against my chest and her small hands on my chest. She's trying to get closer to me!

I smiled lovingly down at her when I heard a throat clear. I snapped my head up and saw a lady who looks pretty young looking at me curiously.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Xavier. I came to drop off Makayla. I'm guessing you're her mother, am I right?" I said, trying not to be too loud as I felt Makayla stir slightly.

"Yes I am. Come on in Xavier," she said warmly.

I stepped into the warm house that looks very cosy. I heard a set of heavy footsteps coming closer to where I am.

"Dear, who is this? And why is he holding onto Makayla?" He asks my beloved's mother.

Strange... They both look nothing like their parents, I can't feel their pure love for both of their children and it's as if they're not the least bit worried.

Before they could say any thing else, I cut them off. I already have a bad feeling about them.

"Well, I'll bring Makayla upstairs first," I said dismissively. I don't need to ask them where Makayla's room is, all I have to do is follow her sweet sweet scent.

I got to her room and its decorated beautifully. Her room is tidy like I expected and is extremely clean.

I put her down on her king sized bed with white and black covers and tucked her in. I placed a light kiss on get forehead and that's when her eyelids fluttered open, showing my her gorgeous sapphire blue eyes.

" I have to tell you something, Xavier," her still slightly sleepy voice said seriously. I nodded my head, sat beside her and listened to her.

" You brought me home so that means you have talked to my parents. Xavier, don't trust them. They're not my real parents. They just adopted us since we were little because my real parents have legally put them as the role of my parents before they died. They don't know anything about us and the only reason they still take care if us and make sure nothing bad happens to us is because they have to be the perfect parents or else Madon and I have the right to take away the company my 'dad' owns right now because it's originally left for Mason and I. So if we take it back, the people we live with will lose everything they have," she said.

I'm processing all of the info she had given. There are so many different questions running through my head. What happened to her biological parents? How did they die? Are her 'parents' gonna do anything to hurt my Kay? In all those questions, one stands out the most.

"Why did you tell me this, Kay?" I ask, happy that she told me but at the same time worried.

She smiled slightly " Xavier, I trust you and I care for you. I don't want anything to happen to you. I told you this to make sure you know what's going on and not fall victim into 'their' lies. I know there's a lot I still haven't told you but that has to be for next time. I know you're confused but I don't want you to think too much about it," she said seriously.

"How did you know what I'm feeling?" I ask bewildered. We haven't even started our mating process yet.

Mates or beloveds can feel their other half's emotions, pain and read their minds.

"Being part fae had its perks," she said smirking.

Little minx.... I thought smirking.


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