Chapter 3: Sword Training

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Setting: At Y/n's bathroom

You then entered the bathroom, switch on the lights and you proceed to take a bath.

While bathing

Y/n - Ahhhh.. This is so refreshing.. I will train harder in order to get my revenge to Issei and Rias. You said while clenching your fist.

Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Y/n bathing inside the bathroom.

Setting: At Y/n's bedroom

After you are done bathing inside your bathroom, you then wear your pajamas and proceed to sleep.

The next day

As the sun rises and the birds are chirping, you rise up from your bed, let out a yawn and stood up and said,

Y/n - Ahhhhh. What a nice morning I have. You said as you stretch your arms wide open.

You then went downstairs to prepare your breakfast. Since you are living alone, you have the responsibility to cook your own food, wash your clothes, etc.

You then cook a fried rice, bacon and egg for breakfast.

After cooking, you placed the newly cooked food on your dining table.

You then sat down and said while in praying position,

You - Thank you for the food.

After praying, you started to eat. After eating, you washed the plate, spoon and fork and place it to the cupboard.

You then went upstairs to take a nice, refreshing bath. After you take your bath you then wear the armor that Vegeta gave you.

Y/n - There. All set.

After wearing the armor, you locked your bedroom as well as your main door to secure the necessities. You then proceed to living room and placed your two fingers on your forehead and said,

Y/n - Now, time to go to heaven.

You disappeared to your house and teleported to heaven.

When you arrived at Heaven's gate, the gate open and you saw the guardian angel that you have met before.

Y/n - A pleasant morning to you, Mr. Guardian Angel. You greeted politely.

Guardian Angel - Good morning, Y/n.

Y/n - May I know your name?

Samuel - The name's Samuel, nice to meet you, Y/n.

Y/n - Likewise, Samuel.

As you step in heaven, you saw Irina, Xenovia, Gabriel and Archangel Michael waiting for you.

Y/n - Hey guys, I'm here.

Xenovia - Oh there you are Y/n.

Archangel Michael - Now that Y/n is here, let's go to the training room.

While walking

Irina - Y/n, how was your day?

Y/n - It's good. How about you, Irina?

Irina - Same as yours.

Gabriel - By the way Y/n, what is the reason why are you training? May I know why?

Y/n - Sure. The reason why I am training with you guys is that I was betrayed and neglected by my best friend on earth. By the way, do you know Rias Gremory?

Gabriel - Yeah I know her. Why do you ask?

Y/n - When me and my best friend was about to die, this woman appeared and protected us from the fallen angels. After that, she made an agreement with them.

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