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"Aww, come on guys! I really want to visit Lancashire. I told my parents that I would send them some pictures of castles and the landscape around there." I said walking around The TARDIS console, trying to convince any of them.

"We were there already, why do you want to go back?" The Doctor didn't usually say much when she let us choose a destination, but this time she had to ask.

"Listen, I don't want to go back. I just want a quick visit to the place in our actual time. I can't send them pictures of Lluna's moons just like that!"

"That's a good point. And hey, maybe we could check the tree lock, just to be sure. Then we can pick another planet to go." Yas, being the wonderful moderator she was, helped us find a middle ground in the topic.

"Fine. But just a quick trip. Gaal takes the pictures, and we check the tree." The Doctor was already moving switches and levers to get The TARDIS moving.

"I think I'm sticking with Gaal in this." Ryan was quick to add.

"Why? Don't you want to see if King James left you a letter?" I said with a smirk on my face, while Graham rolled his eyes with a smile on his face.

"Hey! At least that helped us have a little more credibility." By this point, Yas was asking The Doctor what had happened while she was with Willa that time.

When we landed and got out of The TARDIS – who had made some resistance against The Doctor's commands – we weren't meet with the sight of big fields and little houses on the hills, but with a big enough town to be called a city.

"Doc, I don't think we're in 2018, not even 2022."

"I don't like when she does this. But we might be here for a reason." The Doctor eyed the box, and proceeded to close the doors.

"Your pictures will have to wait, I'm sorry." She said to me.

"It's alright. And it wouldn't be the first time this happens. The quicker we find out what's going on, the faster we can get back." She nodded, and then started walking in front of us.

"Come on fam. Let's go to the tree first."

To find our way was a little difficult, since we no longer could see the hill from any point.

The fact that everyone where heading to it made us nervous, the memories of the witch trials coming back to us.

"I think we should speed up our pace if we want to find out what's happening before it's too late." The Doctor said, signaling us to walk out of the main path.

Getting out of the mass of people was easy to The Doctor, Graham and I, Ryan and Yas having a little trouble. As soon as we all were out, The Doctor scanned the place.

"2418. Missed by a couple hundred of years." She then knitted her eyebrows together. Not a good sign.

"What is it Doctor?" Yas asked the blonde alien.

"Is the trees. They emanate some weird energy, but I can't get my finger on it. Like they are trying to tell us something."

"Well, that sounds Narnia like. But we should keep going." We were four hundred years in the future, and the humans did like to experiment with plants and animals, so who knows? We had other things to worry at the moment though.

As we got closer to Pendle Hill, we saw a gathering of people around the modified tree trunk, only to find out it had managed to grow again. But the once castle was now a hotel, barely keeping some windows and the front like it once was, but it was clear it had many people work on it and how it looked.

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