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"Oh you can't come dressed like that," the Doctor said pointing at our clothes. Her eyes twinkled like they usually do when she's planning something insane and wonderful. "Go to the back, I'm sure you'll find attire that is more apposite," she added ominously, gesturing for us all to head towards the back room. Glancing nervously with Yaz, I silently followed her in the general direction that the Doctor pointed in.

Traveling with the Doctor has meant not much in the universe can really surprise me anymore, but when we opened a chest filled with elegant dresses and gowns, I couldn't hide my startled expression, letting out an inaudible gasp. Yaz gingerly lifted one up, a slow smile playing on her lips as we marveled at the Doctor's strange behavior. I decided to go with a black midi one and Yaz picked a red long gown.

It took us a matter of minutes to get ready and soon we headed out to the main deck where Ryan and Graham were waiting for us. The Doctor had changed into an elegant long blue dress that matched her eyes.

"They didn't allow me to wear the suit," she said pointing at the boys. "It's a shame, I had the perfect bow tie to go with it," she added dubiously, but then shook her head at herself.

"The dress looks good," Yaz commented with a small smile.

"Why do we have to dress up anyways?" Ryan asked as the Doctor beckoned us outside.

"Welcome to the Millennial Moon Rising Event," she grinned.

My mouth gaped open at the sight of the glistening floor reflecting the star light from outside. The loud chatter seemed undeterred at the sight of our intrusion. Light music played in the background as robotic men with tall hats carried large trays of appetizers. They had brilliantly blue eyes and the widest grin as they moved around on wheels.

"All of the Western Galaxies travel to see it," the Doctor explained gesturing to the large window. It currently had a curtain covering it and a large timer above it counting down from one million.

"Sir could I tempt you with some delicacies?" A robot man asked in an eerily similar voice to one I had heard before. But aside from an odd frown from the Doctor, no one else found it strange. Instead Graham took one with a grin.

"Don't mind if I do," he smiled biting into it. "What is this?" He asked the Doctor, who took one look at the tray and wrinkled her nose.

"Intergalactic fish eyes minced with a herb from Planet Gulliya," she said turning to scan the hall. Graham paled and hastily spat the contents of his mouth out into a napkin. "You have a human version, it's on the tip of my tongue I just can't remember it," the Doctor rambled, oblivious to the actions of Graham who had shoved the napkin in another guest pocket. Meeting Ryan's gaze, I struggled to keep a straight face.

We headed towards the centre, Yaz and I giggled at the sight of a tentacle covered alien attempt to dance. Every step we took into this space ballroom, we found something else weird and wonderful.

"Is it me, or is there something really familiar about this?" The Doctor asked frowning at us all. I was glad that someone else felt it too, but I didn't want to be the only one in the group to speak up.

The Doctor shook her head at us all and turned back to the bar. She frowned at the robotic men but like me didn't seem like she could place where she knew them from.

"My brain's still trying to figure out the fish thing, but I don't like it. For starters, there's no one manning that bar," she pointed towards the far end and sure enough the place lay deserted. Drinks were still being handed out by the robots, but we had no idea where they were coming from.

"There's something odd going on. Listen here, I think we should do some digging around whilst we're here." She handed Graham the psychic paper with a twinkle in her eye. It was matched by us all.

"Yaz, with me?" The Doctor gestured for her to follow as they left to mingle with some of the other guests.

Turning to Graham and Ryan, I grinned.

"Where do you wanna start?"


Grunting, I wobbled on top of Ryan's shoulders. When we decided to go snooping in the back rooms, I never really considered what that would entail. It certainly wasn't climbing up what could only be described as an old elevator shaft.

"Hurry up," Ryan muttered. I reached up to the ledge to see if I could push open the trap door.

"Guys," Graham called out. My fingers pushed against the tough door, shaking as they struggled to get a firm grip.

"One sec, I'm almost there," I huffed in reply, standing on my tip toes.

"You said that sixty seconds ago!" Ryan retorted loudly and I could almost picture the eye roll. The frustration in his own voice was leaking through, I knew how difficult it was for him to be standing in such a confined space.

"Guys," Graham repeated a bit more loudly. "Do you remember that hat the Doc wore and we all agreed to get rid of it?" Graham continued causing me to frown. Concentrating on the task ahead, I'm barely aware of Ryan replying to him.

"We left it in space Amazon."

"Yeah so you know those robot waiters, one of them is wearing it." Graham said as my eyes widened. "And I just remembered why the Doc thought they looked familiar," he added. My eyes snapped to Ryan's and mirror his alarm. The faulty Kerblam robots were all destroyed, what would they be doing here?

The hatch opened to my sheer happiness and I let out a small squeal. At the same time, my human ladder is pulled from underneath me. My hands hold onto the ledge tightly as I strained to hear them both, but it was fruitless. Heart racing, the nausea rises, but I inhaled deeply and tried to focus on the task ahead. If the Kerblam men were here then something was seriously wrong. The last time we met them, they were part of a deadly terror attack that we just about stopped.

The Doctor's weird vibe, the strange coincidence, the creepy blue eyes, something was definitely going on.

Pushing myself onto the soft carpet, my eyes widened at the sight of all the monitors in the room. In particular the screen that seemed to be focused on the TARDIS. Walking up towards it, I zoomed into the video play back and my eyes widened at the sight of us all walking out.

Tapping onto the keyboard, I opened up another screen which showed the Doctor and Yaz talking to the tentacle dancer we spotted earlier. At one point the Doctor glanced around as if she knew there was a camera on her.

Someone was watching us.

"I have to warn the Doctor," I whispered to myself.

"That," a voice called out. My body froze as I recognized it. I wouldn't forget it anywhere, I couldn't. "Is exactly what you're NOT going to do."

Slowly I turned around and met another Kerblam robot, except this one was upgraded. Instead of the haunting grinning face, it was replace with that of Charlie, a man whose scream still haunted the silent moments of my day.

"Impossible," I breathed out, but Robo-Charlie's eyes glinted.

"I can see how that's how it may seem to someone of your mental capacity. I had a plan B, I always have a plan B," he said, moving towards me.

Hands balled tightly, I narrowed my eyes, as the robot took another step closer. Shaking my head at him, I turned to escape out of the hatch, but before I could do so, two metal handcuffs enclasped my wrists, a long wire connected to the palm of Robo-Charlie.

"What do you want?!" I demanded, tugging furiously as the wire but it was no use. It's then I noticed Ryan and Graham bounded up and tied against the wall, guarded by some of the other Kerblam men.

The Robo version of Charlie smiled manically, looking even more scarier in this form. "Why what I've always wanted," he said, one metallic finger tracing the edge of my face. Pursing my lips in disgust, I attempted to shake myself away from his touch. My only hope now was the Doctor and Yaz. But something told me this had been planned for a long time.


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