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My first meeting with Team TARDIS was eventful. The Doctor introduced me to Yaz, Graham, and Ryan, and before we had time to choose a place to go, I got a buzz from my phone. I checked it and looked at the four others. "You guys dealt with exploding bubble wrap once, right?"

"Yeah. Why?" The Doctor asked me, looking concerned.

"I got a message from my mom. She got a package. There was bubble wrap in it, our dog ran across the bubble wrap and just as soon as she ran outside, there was an explosion."

The others seemed worried as I explained.

"Are they okay?" Yaz asked me.

"Yeah. They made it out just in time. But the exploding bubble wrap was from outer space, right?"

"That's right," The Doctor nodded, flipping a switch. "That brings us to another question. When did Kerblam come to Earth?"

"I think we should be asking why Kerblam is on Earth too, Doc," Graham interjected.

There was a brief silence before the five of us set out into my home neighborhood and made a game plan.

"Okay. I want to find out why there was an exploding package, but what if there are more?" I asked nervously.

"Why don't we split up?" Ryan suggested, shrugging. "We could figure out a lot that way."

"But who would go go with who?" Yaz asked.

"Chloe, Graham, you'll come with me to ask about the packages. Ryan, Yaz, try and find out if anyone else has gotten any," The Doctor said, seemingly forming a plan. We thought of some questions to ask and then set off into town.

Eventually, we go und my mom and dog, sitting outside at a bench. I ran over and gave my mom a hug. "Are you okay?" I asked nervously.

"Yes. We got outside just in time. I don't know why the package exploded, though."

"We might," the Doctor interjected, stepping in. "Hello, Chloe's mum! We've dealt with something similar before. We can help."

"Well, part of our house just blew up, I don't know how you could help," my mom said.

"We can figure out why you got the packages, and why the Kerblam robots are here," The Doctor explained.


"The company that gave you the package," Graham added.

I looked around.

"Mom, what was in the package?"

"It was a jacket, but I never ordered anything!"

"So who did?" I asked out loud.

Before we could finish, Ryan and Yaz came running.

"We found out more about the packages!" Yaz exclaimed. "People all over the neighborhood have been getting packages with stuff they want and never ordered, and the bubble wrap is in each one!"

The six of us stood in silence, before I shared a thought.

"What if someone from here found Kerblam or something?"

"Chloe, that's a great thought!" The Doctor replied.

"But it's in space," Graham said, bringing up another point.

"That doesn't mean someone summoned the robots here," Ryan argued, before noticing something appear. "Guys it's another Kerblam bot!"

"What?!" I turned around, as the delivery robot tried to hand me a package, and launched into its famous slogan.

"What are you doing on Earth?" The Doctor asked as I reluctantly opened the box."

"That information is beyond my programming to give," the bot replied, before disappearing. My attention was turned away as I saw the inside of the package.

"Gah! It's just bubble wrap!" I threw it down terrified, only for my dog to grab it and pop it with her teeth."

"What the fork?!" I screamed as I grabbed the wrap from the dog's mouth and threw it. "Gosh darn it, Emmi!"

"We need to get out of here now!" The Doctor said to the five of us. "Everybody run as fast as you can."

We all obliged, Graham, Ryan, and Yaz running quickly, my mom and dog running as well. The Doctor made sure I had started to run too before starting. I could just barely hear her yell, we'll find out why this is happening." The rest was all a blur. Right as the explosion started, I must've tripped over my shoelace abs twisted my ankle, because I remember a quick trip to the ground. If this was it, I was glad that everyone else was safe, especially my mom. Soon, I felt someone pick me up, and as I heard a loud noise, I knew that I was still going to help get to the bottom of this.

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