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I stumble out to The Tardis console I had no long just woken up, stretching my way through the main console area to find the Doctor she was not here maybe she went out without me? She normally is up and fiddling with the Tardis by now, I run my fingers through my messy hair I was still in my pyjamas and my lovely Tardis Blue and Purple slippers.

I heard a knock on the Tardis door could it be The Doctor? No why would she knock on her own door? I walk along to the door shuffling my feet as I don't really pick them up still feeling a tad tired, I opened the door to find there was a man standing on the other end.

His figure stands tall looking at me he seems confused, but I study him for a moment his hair is slicked back with it shaved at the side and short facial hair covering his jawline, he has jeans on with a pair of boots a T-shirt and a leather jacket.

I began to speak "Um hello erm may I help you?", I then rub my hand on my forehead. "Yes I'm looking for the Doctor?", he asks. "Oh well I think she has gone out what's your name?", I ask still curious too who he is. "Krasko", he says as he extends his arm out "And yours", he asks waiting on me shaking his hand.

"J just call me J", I speak still not taking his hand, "So like Jay", he asks I nod and he looks behind me trying to see inside the Tardis.

"May I ask why your looking for the Doctor?" I close the door a little more leaning against it so he can't see in more he moves his hand away as I still never shook it I'm not sure why just didn't feel the need.

"Oh I saw the Tardis and thought she might be home to chat about something", he says he looks like he is trying to come up with an excuse and he looks very confident in lying as well. I start to worry a little and think maybe it's best to ask him to leave so that I did, "I'm sorry the Doctor is not in at the moment it seems or she is somewhere in the Tardis not sure yet but you might want to go", I say with the best possible smile yet.

He smiles back at me and grins more than I expected for asking him to leave, "Oh she might be in", he asks, I nod at that letting him know she could as well be. He reached his arm up and leaned against the door and that's when I saw it the Tattoo the mark of Stormcage the most secure prison in the Universe unless your River Song you can't get out, but why is he here? He obviously was not in prison no more or maybe he escaped if River could surly others might try and succeed? And then I noticed he had a mark on his wrist like he used to have a Vortex manipulator that maybe he used too much or was a little faulty as he has a mark that you can only get from them surging out electric when you travel and it hits the skin like a burn, the Doctor told me about it once.

He starts yelling "Doctor are you in Doctor", his voice bursting through my ears. "Looks like no one is in but you", he grins and has this look but I'm not sure what that look is then he pulls out a weapon and I gasp at it stepping back bad move he bursts into the Tardis, I feel her hum underneath me letting me know it's all going to be okay then she let out another hum showing she's annoyed at this strange man bargain in with a weapon in his hand at me.

"U-Uh Ummm what do you think you're doing? And please put the weapon down you can't bring that in here she doesn't like it", I say while I exhale a breath I didn't know I was holding to much while speaking.

"The Doctors not here she won't know about the gun now how do I fly this thing", he says with the last part a question to himself.

"Excuse me I was not talking about the Doctor yet she will be a little disappointed someone brought a gun on her ship speaking off I was on about the Tardis she does not like it just like the Doctor unless your River Song or Captain Jack Harkness I believe they got to bring guns on and Rory with his sword but not my point, and YOU CAN NOT FLY THE TARDIS", I yell at him now.

He moves closer to me, "Yes I can and I will they destroyed my Vortex Manipulator so I will take the Tardis to wherever and whenever I please thank you very much", he smirks now moving back over to the Tardis console he presses buttons and ends up activating the Custard Cream despiser a biscuit rolls out, he is steering at it. I chuckle at his confusion and the fact he has no idea what he is doing.

"I will figure it out now i suggest you leave before I shoot you", he yells in frustration. I shake my head at him he doesn't like it he comes up to me and forces me out the Tardis.

I'm standing outside in my pyjamas it's slightly chilly I'm now worried about what's happening will the Doctor be mad at me for answering the door? For letting him shove me out? I stand there knocking on the Door yelling for him to let me in after ten minutes I give up and sighed hoping he won't figure it out I thought the door was locked from the inside but he's just standing there thinking holding it shut.

I take a step backwards and that's when I hear "J what on earth are you doing out like that? Why are you not in the Tardis or even dressed", I turn and smile at the Doctor.

"Doctor I'm sorry", I say as her face turns from happy to confused "I tried I did I told him not to come in to go away but he got in and then he kicked me out because I laughed at him trying to fly your Tardis", I explain I look down to my feet.

"Wait him who he what? Who's in my Tardis", she starts to get annoyed and walks up to the door "Hello I'm the only Thief that gets to fly my Tardis".

"Someone Named Krasko", I tell her as she turns around to face me she looks shocked at the name her mouth open a little as if she was about to speak but she just keeps looking at me as if she's thinking.

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