The Hospital




As I listen to my foot steps hiting the tiled floor of the hospital looking for Garret's room all I can think was hoping he was ok.  He was really broken...  I found him laying in a bed staring through the window.  "I thought Aswang could like heal really fast..." I said staring at my shoes whie I stood at the door way.

He turned his head, shocked I was there, "To a certain extent...  Why are you here?  I figured you hated me by now..." 

"I can't hate you..."


"I can't hate you because I still love you.  I always did... I was just disappointed that you kept something from me that long..." I said as I walked to his bed side.  I broke his silence, "Graduation would have been fun..."

"You aren't going?"

"If you aren't, I'm not."

"Why! You worked so hard!"

"So did you..." I said trying to reach for his hand only to be pushed away.

Gracie walked in with Bandit while she yelled , "Keep your conversations PG please, there is a child in the room!"

Gracie laughed, "Bandit! You aren't THAT young!"

"Watch yourself little witch," she said glaring at her. She turned to Garret, "So you're having trouble regenerating, I see."

"For rookies they did some good damage," he said jokingly, "Why are you so concerned?  Is it because of Gracie..."

"My cousin, obviously, loves you. So I will have no choice but to accept that." Everyone looked at her in shock, "What!? I don't have a heart of stone!  But at your wedding you have a limit of inviting five of your little aswang friends or family.  No more than that.  K?"

"You are so bossy," I said rolling my eyes, I don't think we will ever get married.  If we do get back together, it won't be the same... It can't... I looked back at Garret, "I can't go to the graduation without you."

He looked at me in the eyes and sat up, "I can't keep you from something like this, your parents will be there and Bandit came here for a reason, to see you walk up on a stage with a blue cap on.  I know this is something you have been wanting since you were in middle school..."

I leaned in to kiss him, but then Bandit started to scream, "I SAID PG STUFF ONLY!!"

"Is she always like this..." Garret shrugged.

"Then you kids should close your eyes," I said putting my arms around Garret and kissed him.

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Bandit and Gracie said in unison. 

Garret whispered in my ear, "Its 5 o clock right now, if you run you can still make it."

Bandit interrupted, "The boy is right, we can still go."

"How did you-?" I said in confusion.

"Go!" He said shooing me and Bandit away, "I have Gracie to keep me company!"

"Ya!" Gracie yelled pushing us out the door.




They really do belong together.  Garret and Carol.  No I am not going soft!  I killed that rookie for a reason!  But I don't have a heart of stone!  Me and Carol jumped out of the cab and ran to the glass double doors when we tried to open them they were locked.  "Dammit!" Carol yelled kicking the doors.  I looked at my watch, 7:04. "The class wasn't that big... It couldn't have been for more than forty-five minutes..."  Carol said sinking to the ground.  "I didn't tell my parents I was at the hospital..."

"They will understand Carol..."

"It's not that I am frustrated with..."

"What is it, then?" I said sitting down next to her.

"How do I know?"

"Garret?" She nodded, "It will all be okay in the end, Carol." I assured her.

"How do you know that?!  It's like you said, it will ruin your name and if our family finds out..."

"We will figure it out..."

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