I go to the bathroom and lock the door.  I look at my human form and see a boy in his twenties with dark brown eyes, tan skin, and black hair.  I change into my... other form and all I see is an ugly monster.  My eyes are completely dilated and my skin looks almost blue.  I felt myself to start crying again, I can't believe I thought Carol would still love me after I told her.  I just can't.  Most Aswang give into their weaknesses and rely on their instinct.  I am different.  I wish I could explain that to her bitch of a cousin.  I haven't killed one person since I moved to New York.  Not one.  The asshole next door to my room on the other hand, has killed plenty.   I don't really think my brother will ever really learn how to resist.  I learned the hard way.  I know that the hunters are on edge because of all the attacks.  Why else would she have shot me multiple times?  I would like to think that...  I felt more tears falling and I punched the mirror and fell to the floor sobbing.  Please forgive me.  Please forgive me.  I repeat in my head over and over again.

"That's seven years of bad luck," my brother said standing at the door frame biting into an apple, "Why don't you get yourself together and pick up whatever pride you have left?"

"Go away..." I hissed.

"Hey, I am just giving my baby brother advice for his little broken heart.  And I am serious, you should go to her and explain.  If you want me to go with you to make sure her badass cousin doesn't beat you up again, I will."

"You just want to see if she is hot..."

"That too," he said with a smile, "C'mon we gotta go to Carol's now.  So go back to your little human for please.  Its weird to see a blue demon crying on the floor of a bathroom."

"You're one too..."

"I am just better at being one than you are, so are we going to Carol's place or what?"

I changed back to my human-self and followed him out the door.  I hope this isn't some sorta trick...




Wow, I forgot how good the pizza is in the city... I got two slices for Carol and got into a cab.  I am too full to walk...  "Where to?"

"8th street, building 13."

"Yes, m'am."  I felt chills go up my spine as he grinned.

"Actually, never mind," I said trying to hand him a twenty, "I will just walk, but thank you-"

"So you're a hunter, hmm?" He started to smile like a mad man, "I feel a little offended when it comes to hunters."

Dammit... Why are there so many of these things in New York!  Is this some sort of breeding ground for Aswang or something, "What the hell do you want..."

"Lunch," he stopped the cab even though we were in the middle of rush hour.

I took a knife out of my boot, cheesy but as you can tell it can come in handy at times, and I took out another from my sleeve.  OK! I am paranoid, big deal.  These rodents find me one way or another so I might as well.

"You killed my brother almost four years ago.  Don't you remember?" He said as he transformed.  "I watched from the fire escape, it was interesting what you did.  And you weren't even a recruit until the next week."

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