On the way back to her apartment I tried to talk to her.  When we got to her apartment I told her, "Listen, Carol! I am really sorry I shot him.... Well.... Not really... But I was trying to protect you! Do you have any idea how dangerous this could be?  Are you still considering marrying him??" She was silent, "Carol, after you found out what he was hiding from you, after you SAW him for what he really is! You CANT possibly still love that.... THING!"


"Don't 'Bandit' me! Kill his kind is my JOB! Do you know what that would do to my reputation? And what if lolo and lola found out about your little boyfriend? What if you guys got married, and he turned you into one?! What would you tell your parents? What would you tell our grandparents? Do you even realize what is on the line?" I grabbed her arm, "Carol, LISTEN to me! You can't marry him!"

"I never said I was. I never said I wasn't.  When you got here you interrupted him in the middle of asking me to marry him. I don't know when he would have told me about that, I don't know if he would have changed me. How do you know I would have agreed to it?"

"Because I see in your eyes, you would have gone through with it to make sure you could keep him.  I know you, Carol.  You do whatever it takes to please everyone.  Well I am sorry to break it to you, that is not possible when it comes to this situation.  There is no compromise.  You choose him or your family."

"I am finally going to be able to graduate tomorrow and going to plan my business next week and see if I would have the capability to make it in photography.  I have so much on my mind as it is, Bandit.  I can't have this right now!  And for your information, I would never choose a guy before my family.  I would never do that.  And you know it."  She broke down and started sobbing at the steps of her apartment.  I sat down next to her and she rested her head on my shoulder, "What am I going to do, Bandit."

"We will figure it out... I promise..."




I feel like complete shit now... I really do...

I went home and sat on the couch and started bawling.  My brother walked in, great... I don't need his shit right now... "Let me guess, she said no?"  I shook my head. "Well then what happened?" He sat next to me and seemed semi-concerned.  I told him everything, about Bandit, how I got shot, everything.  "Damn... I thought the worst that could happen was that Carol said no... I stand corrected..."

"That only applies to normal people... Not us..."

"So is that it?

I looked at him confused, "What?"

"Are you and Carol..."

"I think so... I don't know... I know her... Bandit probably convinced her to never talk to me again... And if I try she will probably rip my head off..."

"This Bandit chick is a badass!" He said impressed. I gave him a glare, "What?! I don't expect just any little mortal girl to hunt Aswang! Thats awesome! Well... in a way..."

"You are such a dumbass..."




I got Carol up to her apartment, still in tears.  "So how long..." She mumbled as I unlocked the door. "How long!" She said louder.

"What do you mean?" I said as we walked through the door.

"How long have you done this!?" She yellled grabbing my hand, "I thought we were best friends!  I told you everything about me! You knew everything about me! And you leave THIS out?! Why would you not let me know something like THIS?"

"That is not true, Carol! You didn't tell me he was an Aswang-"

She interrupted me, "If you completely forgot about today's events, I didn't know that!! I didn't! I swear on my life!!' she stopped crying, now she is just plain upset with me, "And why would you bring Garret into this conversation?! Now answer my question!"

I took a deep breath, "When you left for college.  I was attacked by one, I killed it... A recruiter saw me and let me join them.  Now I am the leader of three major bases in New York City.  I didn't come here just to see you graduate! I also came here on business.  There have been 10 attacks in the last month by the same Aswang!  Was that Garret? I don't know. He probably knows who it was, Aswang tend to keep tabs on each other."

"Why have I not heard about the attacks?"

"Because, another part of my job is to cover up the attacks.  People are just convinced it was another homicide.  It's New York City, crimes like that are a daily thing."

"You lived here when we were little, we both know that isn't true!"

"Whatever, I am hungry.  What do you want to eat?"

"I am not hungry..."

"I will get you a slice of pizza, be right back, stay here and do not call him!!"

"I will not!" She said frustrated.

I grabbed her phone from her, "Just to be safe." and ran out the door before she could object.  Her phone already started to ring, Garret... Ignore :)

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