One Year Later


I woke up to a camera flash, Garret took a picture of me with his new Fuji Instant Camera.  He gave me a picture of my squinty eyes and bed head. "I can't believe you! I look horrifying!" I said in disgust looking at the film.

"Mrs. Carol Sanders, your husband would disagree with you on that statement!"

"Mrs. Carol Sandors," I said as I got up and put my arms around him, "I like that."

He kissed me and told me, "It has been official for twenty-four hours."

"Remember that night when you were in the hospital?"


"I told myself that our relationship would never be the same... and I was right" he looked at me in shock, "It's even better." I said smiling.

I looked down at the picture he took, "This is an adorable picture of you!" He said laughing.

"Its horrible!" I said chasing him around the room trying to grab it from him.

He jumped on the couch and said, "Ah, ah, ah!" holding his hand up, "Don't you remember? Even though one thing is completely ugly, or even disgusting in your mind, you can always find beauty in that one thing one way or another." He said mocking my tone.

"Unless it's horribe music or an ugly skirt," I said grabbing the picture.  He ran at me and lifted me off the ground and took the picture from my hands and held it in the air.  I jumped up and down trying to get it. "Not fair!" I yelled, "I am short!"

Our battle over the picture was cut short by a knock at the door.  I opened the door to find Bandit, "Listen Bandit, if you are going to keep coming you might as well just move in!" I said frustrated.

"I doubt you would want that now," she said looking at Garret, "Anyways, I came here on business."

"Aswang hunting business?" I said, it made Garret cringe at the thought.

"Yes, I would like to recruit you two for the base here in New York."

"Umm..." Garret said awkwardly.

"I convinced the head of this to let an Aswang on board, C'mon! You know how they think!  You are in control! And I know you don't appreciate the rogue ones prancing around New York!  And you guys could still do the whole photography thing and start a business.  I just need you guys part time.  Carol, you always wanted to learn how to fight and shoot a gun and all that!"

We looked at each other then I stared at Bandit, "What's in it for you..."

She shrugged, "Knowing my little cousin and her hubby know how to protect themselves is all I want."

I looked at Garret, "Should we?"

He was silent for a while, Bandit became tense, he looked at both of us and said, "Why not?"

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