Two Years Later




This morning, I was on the phone with my mom. "I can't believe this, I am finally going to graduate!  I can't wait to say I am a professional photographer! I will open my own art gallery next year! I am so excited! Mom, I have been waiting for this day since I was 13!"

"Ha ha, yes I know honey. I am so proud of you!"

"Thanks mom."

"So, is Garret going to propooose?"

I could hear the antisipation in her voice, "Mom! I don't know... I love him... I really do... but I don't know if he feels the same way anymore. Sometimes it feels like he is hiding something from me."

She sighed, "Sometimes guys are hard to understand, but it will be okay.  Why don't you give your dad a call?  He probably wants to hear from you."

"Okay... Bye mom! See you at the graduation ceremony tomorrow..."

I called my dad and, of course, there was no answer. Please leave a message after the tone. "Hey, dad. I just wanted to make sure you would be at my graduation tomorrow night... I just wanted to make sure... call me back... love you...."

I tried on my cap and gown one more time.  Its finally here... I looked at the reflection of a graduate.  I couldn't  have been more excited. I heard my phone go off:

Garret: Hey...

Carol: Hi, what's wrong?

Garret: Can you meet me in central park? It's important

Carol: when?

Garret: Now

Okay, now I am officially scared.  What is going on with him? I slid out of the cap and gown and put on some day clothes with lightning speed. I wonder if there was a record for that...

I was hitting the elevator button over and over again. Ugh... its so slow... I ran down the steps as fast as I could.  What was wrong with him? Is he in trouble? Am I in trouble? Is he going to break up with me?! I felt my heart rate increase.  I jumped into a cab and all I said was "Central park, please."

Of course, good old, new york traffic... I dialed for my cousin, Bandit.


"Hey! Is my baby cousin on her way to the city yet?"

"I am like fifteen minutes away! And don't call me your baby cousin..."

"Ha ha, tell the driver to take you to central park instead! I am gonna meet Garret there soon.  You can finally meet him!"

"Yay! I get to meet my cousin's fiance!!"

"Bandit.... he hasn't proposed to me..."


"You are such a dork!" I scoffed.

"I am THE dork!" She corrected.

"Ha ha, okay! So central park in fifteen?"

"The cab driver just told me seven."

"Where did he get that number?"

"I don't know..."

"Anywho, I will see you then!"


About five minutes later, I arrive at central park and find Garret sitting at a bench patiently, "I am soo sorry! Damn traffic..." 

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