Gracie, literally, dragged me out of bed and told me to go for a walk.  I got on a pair of jeans, a black tshirt, and converse.  "Why don't you have any color in your wardrobe?" My little sister scolded me. I ignored her and followed her outside. 

"So why are you dragging me out here..." I complained.

"Because I want to know what happened with Carol..."


"Wouldn't understand? Garret! I am eight now! And I think I would know about girls more than you do! I want to be able to give you advice!"

"My thirteen year old little sister wants to give me relationship advice?" I scoffed.

"You are also twenty-two and still live with your mother, now tell me or I will turn you into an alley cat!"


I told her about accidentally changing forms in public and Bandit punching Alex. Of course I had to add that. That was the highlight of my life.  I wish I could have video taped it!

We ended up walking two blocks when I finished.  "Honestly, I am surprised you didn't try to tell her before, you had two damn years..."

"I know that!" I screamed. "I thought you were going to give me advice!"

"I don't know how to-" I didn't hear her finish.  Three guys grabbed me and dragged me into an alley beating me and kicking me.  They threw me into a big cage.  "The boss will be very proud that we caught one all on our own!"  "Not bad for a couple of rookies, huh?" they high fived each other.  Dammit... I didnt bother changing.  Whats the point... "Little demon too scared to change? C'mon you bastard!" one of them yelled poking me with a stick.  I saw a black bird go by, good gracie.  Find someone, anyone.




I got a text from one of the rookies: Hey boss! You wouldn't believe what we got!Meet us at 35th street.

Bandit: This better be worth my time

They better not be wasting my time... "Carol, we have to go..." I said as she was trying to comfort the bawling child.

"Umm...I'm kind of in the middle of something..." she said gesturing to Gracie.

"Fine. Bring her."

I called a cab to take us to 35th street.  Carol clung to the child.  She wouldn't make eye-contact with me.  Did she know?  Did she see what happened yesterday?

We found the three in front of the alley, "What the hell are you bozos up to..." I said rolling my eyes.  They directed me, Carol and Gracie (who was too scared to look up) to the end of the alley where I saw a cage-thing.  I saw a...animal? Holy shit... "Get that thing out of there now you idiots!" I started to scream.  Carol just dropped down to the ground trying to keep Gracie from looking.  It was Garret.  He was beat up and bloody.  But still breathing. 

"But boss-"

"If you don't get him out of there right this second I will kill all of you before you can find an excuse for doing this!"

"So you are going soft on these-" I threw the dagger from my shoe at the guys throat.

"Does anyone else want to argue with me?" They shook their heads and opened the cage.  Carol handed Gracie over to me so she could get Garret out.

"Is that the-" one of them started, but I gave them a glare before they could finish their sentence.  I hated Garret, yes, but it's obvious that Carol still loves him and no one deserves to be put in a cage.  I can't believe these dumbasses...

"Garret!" Carol started to scream, "Garret open your eyes!" He mumbled something I couldn't make out what he said.  She hugged him sobbing.  "Bandit, call an ambulance! Tell them he was mugged!"

911 what is your emergency?

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