Chapter 1.

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My name is Zoey, I have recently moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island and I've never been here before. My parents made me move here because my dad got a new job. I don't know anyone here and it's kinda of boring.

"Honey go set up your room and take all your boxes upstairs." My mom said unpacking

"Fine." I grabbed a few of my stuff and took it into my room.

The tv was set up and everything was furnished. Thank god. I could not live without watching my favorite show Impractical Jokers atleast once a day, my favorite joker is Q. I had a wonderful room, the walls were painted ocean blue and I already had a few Impractical Jokers photos on the walls. I put away my clothes and decided to set up everything else. Today was the first day that we are staying in the house, we just sold the other one a week ago.

"Zoey! Come help me in the living room." My dad yelled

"Be there in a minute." I ran downstairs practically tripping over my feet. I'm very clumsy.

"Can you get the tools from my truck? I need to repair this table."


I ran over to the truck, while I was getting the tools I noticed the house across the street. It was very big and I could have sworn I just saw Joe gatto from Impractical Jokers enter it. I shook it off, my imagination is crazy. I ran back into the house and gave my dad the tools.

"Zoe, go and explore the house. I'm sure you will like it after you get used to it."

"I doubt it but ok."

I explored the house, it was big but not very entertaining. I hated this place, I don't even want to start school. Thank god it's summer so I have awhile till I go. It sucked because I'm an only child and my friends in my old school honestly didn't even like me. I only kept in touch with one, her name is Alex, she was my best friend, My sister and her birthday was just a few days ago and I missed it! I hope we can visit eachother, I already miss her so much. I felt a tear fall so I ran into my room and shut the door. I put my Impractical Jokers season 1 dvd in the dvd player and instantly got happy. These guys can always make me smile, it was my medicine whenever I'm sad. I started laughing and soon forgot all about my worries.


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