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Impractical Jokers  by WritingTheThings
Impractical Jokers by 🌈m
Joker x Readers
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Brian Quinn by jacrispy101
Brian Quinnby jacrispy101
Bridget had just moved to Staten Island because of family issues, she was moving into her new house when a cat appeared and her life changed dramatically. She had met a...
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Count On Me - Sequel (Laughing into Love) by Darling_Dixon08
Count On Me - Sequel (Laughing Kelsey
The SEQUEL to Laughing Into Love - Brian Quinn FanFiction. Melanie and Brian have had a whirlwind of a year. Forced together during an episode of Impractical Jokers, the...
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The Hot Canary (A Brian Quinn Fanfic) by Queso0317
The Hot Canary (A Brian Quinn Queso0317
A NYC photographer gets the opportunity of a life time from a friend to be able to do a photo session for the Impractical Jokers. She manages to catch the eye of a certa...
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Meeting the Jokers by vintageblogger
Meeting the Jokersby ❁
Meeting the Impractical Jokers while your at work seems amazing. Even if they are dancing round customers and screaming at you, it's just a dare? Right? But how do you k...
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You Promised by BarbaraSuchecka
You Promisedby Barbara Suchecka
15 year old Samantha Brooks just wanted to meet her idols, The Impractical Jokers, but when she finally goes up to her favorite joker, Murr, she gets more than what she'...
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Steamy Love by Ki113RQU33N
Steamy Loveby Ki113RQU33N
Is Brian Quinn capable of love? Of course he is, steamy love! he? What if someone has feelings for him; the person he would least expect? What if someone else is...
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My Brothers Best Friend! Part 1! by owl2011
My Brothers Best Friend! Part 1!by 🖤 emily 🖤
This summer I decided to visit my brother, James Murray. I haven't seen him in years and I wanted to visit him again. One day I decided to go to work with him and I inst...
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Paging Dr. Vulcano by fmrsseavxo
Paging Dr. Vulcanoby fmrsseavxo
...From their table, Faith and Nicole had a perfect view to the back room where they saw Sal walking towards the stage. As he made his way onto the stage, Sal locked eye...
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Sal X Reader Impractical Jokers by ashleyyashweed
Sal X Reader Impractical Jokersby Ashweed
You (Reader) is best friend's with the one and only Sal. He tells the guys, Murr and Q and Joe that he wants to introduces you to them. As the meeting Sal starts to slow...
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Impractical Jokers Imagines by impracticallywriting
Impractical Jokers Imaginesby impracticallywriting
Imagines about the guys! -requests open *age gaps *anxiety, depression, etc *may have sexual content Hope you all enjoy!
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The boy next door (an Impractical Jokers Fanfiction) by BarbaraSuchecka
The boy next door (an Barbara Suchecka
Zoey just moved into her new house, little did she know that her life was going to change right before her very eyes when she meets the boy next door.
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Impractical Jokers story collection by braussasha
Impractical Jokers story collectionby star
Just a little collection of little stories. Some fluff, some smut. I hope you enjoy (:
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Joker's Dream ( Sal Vulcano Brian Quinn james murray joe gatto ) by ImpracticalJadey
Joker's Dream ( Sal Vulcano ImpracticalJadey
Based on Friendship / Comedy Troup 'The Tenderloins' finding his true Love on The 'Where's Larry?' tour in The UK , Sal Vulcano meets the Love of his life - alongside Be...
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Spin Me Around. by fireflyfunhouse
Spin Me fireflyfunhouse
I got this idea from another author on Wattpad, who's name escapes me right now. Basically, this is going to be a compilation of one-off stories involving my OC, Olivian...
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Impractical Jokers-1 Shots by mrsbrianquinn
Impractical Jokers-1 Shotsby Erynn Marina
Sal x Reader
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Impractical Jokers Imagines and Preferences by 221Brianna-Superwho
Impractical Jokers Imagines and BriLily
Just a book of random imagines and preferences that come to my head lol
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Fallen into you... by owl2011
Fallen into 🖤 emily 🖤
Kirstie gets her new job working on Impractical Jokers until she crosses paths with Sal. They don't like each other until they share a kiss.. and everything changes... S...
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Impractical Jokers Imagines: Quinn and Vulcano... by Jorgia24
Impractical Jokers Imagines: Izzie Sabisch
Sal Vulcano is a kind soul who shares what every one perceives as an infectious laugh. Brian Quinn has been hurt like most, doubts himself but gets up everyday to make u...
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Craziest Love  by owl2011
Craziest Love by 🖤 emily 🖤
Two people with two separate lives find an unexpected love that blossoms! Sal and Emily fall deeply in love but what happens when someone else falls for Emily? Or someon...
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