first day

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chapter 2 | first day


"Make sure you don't talk to any strangers, look both way before crossing the street and make sure you get some friends to sit with so you don't seem like a looser."

(Y/N) groaned as she tightly gripped on her hair brush. "Oh my god...okay, I get it Gray. It's just a few months of this stupid junior high school until I get into U.A.- how bad can it be?" the girl shrugged as she put her brush down and slid her bag on.

"When I took the entrance exams, they weren't the easiest. You're panicking every second cause of the number of people out there watching you." He says. He slides his shoes on before clearing his throat.

Gray frowned, "I know, but you're my little sister. I have to show that I'm worried. Even though I don't care to be honest." He ruffled up her hair before grabbing his own bag. "Well, I've gotta go to school too. I'm still 15, ya know." He grabbed his wallet and keys, unlocking the door he held it open for the both of them.

They walked out of their small apartment and locked the door. (Y/N) and Gray decided to walk to school since it wasn't that far. After a few minutes of walking together they parted ways, saying their goodbyes to each other.


"Alright students, today we'll have a new student joining us today. She had recently just moved back to Japan from America." The teacher slid open the door and there stood the (H/C) haired girl dressed in the schools red and black uniform. To be honest, (Y/N) thought it was really comfy.

She stepped into the classroom as all the students turned to face her. A few whispers and mumbles could be heard.

"Go on and introduce yourself, (Y/N)." Her teacher encouraged her. The said girl sighed and faced to the whole class. Lowly her hand raised as she gave a small wave, "Hey, I'm (F/N) (L/N). I hope we have a good year together."

Her new teacher smiled, "Great! Sit behind Katsuki Bakugou. Raise your hand please, Katsuki." The teacher pointed over to this 'Bakugo' kid, (Y/N) looked over and saw a boy with ash blonde hair, he grunted as he raised his hand lowly.


(Y/N) began to make her way over to her seat, as she reached near the boy she sent him a small smile. Bakugo let out a 'tsk' and ignored her smile, turning his attention away to the window.

She awkwardly walked off and sat down behind him. She turned her head to the side, gaining the attention of a boy with messy green curly hair. (Y/N) smiled and gave him a small wave as she pushed some hair behind her ear.
The boy jumped in his seat and gave her small, shaky wave in return, his face coated red. She turned away and listened as the lesson began.

"Since you're all third years, it's time for you to start thinking seriously about your futures. I'll pass out handouts for your future plans now, but..." The teacher snatched the papers off his desk, smirking, "You're all pretty much planning on going to the hero course anyway, right?" He cheered as the threw the papers in the air.

"Yes!" The class cheered. "Yes yes, you all have wonderful quirks! But using your powers at school is against the rules!" He smiled.

The class began to show off their quirks, all except for (Y/N) and the boy sitting next to her.

"Teach. Don't lump us all in the same group," Bakugou smirked, "I'm not gonna be stuck at the bottom with these useless rejects!" The boy in front of (Y/N) had his feet up on the desk, even if (Y/N) couldn't see his face- she new that there was a cocky smirk on it.

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