My Kind of Doctor

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As I walked into the building I looked around at all the other students who had already been there before me. They all walked around confidently, or chatted with friends in the hallways, while I clutched my schedule in my hand and headed for the computer lab.

I hadn’t realized it until after I had left my house, but I printed the wrong schedule off at home, and the one I was holding didn’t tell me where my classes were actually located. I had to rush though, as I only had about ten minutes to get there, print off the new one, and find where my class was. I already knew it was on the opposite side of the school, totally inconvenient of course, I just didn’t know the room number.

The computer lab was busy, even for this early in the morning. I signed in and found a computer that wasn’t right next to anyone. After all, I didn’t know any of the people in the room and I was really shy. Always had been. I didn’t even like sitting next to people I didn’t know.

When I pulled my schedule out of the printer I looked up at the clock on the wall. I was running out of time. I quickly scanned it for the room number, and when I founded, headed in the direction of the building it was in.

I walked through the hallways alone, feeling like everyone was staring at me. In the back of my head I knew they weren’t, but I still had this feeling that they all just knew I was a freshman. I tried to ignore them.

My first class of the day was U.S. History. I didn’t really like history, but the guy that had put my schedule together insisted that it was a required class. When I got there I sat in the front, as that seemed to be where the other students didn’t want to be sitting.

College was weird. I looked around the room a little and realized that I was going to have to get used to be in classes with people a lot older than me. I turned back around and put my head down on my desk. A little while later, our instructor walked in.

I don’t want to sound sexist here, but all my life growing up, I had always had male history teachers. Since I hadn’t really been paying attention to names on my schedule, that’s totally what I was expecting. I was also expecting a crab ass. Again, only because of past personal experience. However, Dr. Kennedy was the exact opposite of everything I had been anticipating.

Not only was she a woman, she was also really friendly, and unfortunately for me, very attractive. I had always had a thing about falling for my teachers, and I was kind of hoping to break that habit of mine. When I looked up at her though, with her long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, I knew that that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I sighed and sat up straighter in my desk.

“Kendall Royce?”

I snapped out of my thoughts looked around before focusing back on her.

“Yeah?” I asked, not even sure if that was the correct response since I hadn’t been paying attention.

She smiled at me. My heart almost melted. She had a very infectious smile and I had to fight not to smile back like an idiot.

“You’ll be sitting right here,” she answered, pointing to a desk a few feet away.

I got up and moved to my desk as she continued telling the others where they would be sitting. I was still in the front, which when I looked at her, I didn’t mind that at all. I leaned back in my chair. This was going to be one interesting semester. I thought about how I might actually begin to like history after all.

The rest of the hour was fairly boring. We went over the same things that you go over in school at the beginning of every year, whether you’re in elementary school or college. Rules, syllabus, homework, basically nothing exciting. I sat staring at the clock wondering why the time was going by so slow to me. I couldn’t wait to get out and run into my friend Lesley Asher. We had been friends since 7th grade and I we talked about everything. I really wanted to get the chance to go over how we were liking classes so far.

Dr. Kennedy really liked to talk. I mean, I know she had a lot to go over, but it barely ever seemed like she took a break. She talked so fast I could barely keep up. I wondered if it had something to do with the fact that it was the first day of classes, or if she was just always going to be like that.

At the end of the hour I couldn’t get up fast enough. I needed to run into Lesley and I needed to get away from Dr. Kennedy. I really didn’t want to have some huge crush on her. I just wanted to find someone my own age, and pretend that she didn’t exist outside of class. The last time I had a crush on someone I couldn’t have, I got really depressed over it. College was a new chance for me. A new beginning. I wasn’t going to let my attractive U.S. History instructor ruin that.

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