In the midst of my slumber, a pillow smacks down on my head. I raise my head and there goes Ray laughing. It's so cute when he laughs because you can't help but do the same. I grab the pillow and hit him with it.

"Ray that wasn't funny! I hate it when you do that." "Come on NeNe stop being like that. I don't know why you have to lie because even to this day you know you still think it's cute." I smile knowing it was true.

"See, you're smiling..."

I playfully hit him in his chest and he pokes my stomach. He ends up tickling me for the fun of it. I couldn't control my laughter and Ray wouldn't stop until we fell back on the bed. He landed on top of me.

The two of us were quiet, staring into each other's eyes. The moment was so awkward that I felt my stomach doing flips. He licked his lips and was slowly bringing his head closer to my face.

I quickly hopped off the bed, looking around the room.

"You uh, wanna go get some breakfast and hang out at the fountain?" "Um, sure. I'll go get ready." I climb out the window to go home and get ready.


I sat on my bed reminiscing in the moment. Was I really about to kiss her? God, having feelings for your best friend isn't fun.

I liked Ray'vn ever since I was 12. I never really got a chance to tell her, but I could tell she knows. I know she likes me too. The thing about it is if we were to ever be together, it would change our relationship as friends.

That's the one thing we don't wanna lose.

I'm forever alone.


One small unexpected moment like what I just experienced can only do so many replays in your head. I really wish I would've made Ray kiss me, but with us being friends, it wouldn't feel right. I guess it's true what they say...

It's the small things that count.

When I was finished getting ready, I went downstairs to the kitchen to grab my keys and a bag of apple dippers. I step into the kitchen and Devon was sitting at the table. He gives me this weird look and it made me feel uncomfortable.

I move past him and grab my keys off the hook, then head to the fridge. The apple dippers were all the way in the back of the refrigerator, so I had to bend over to reach it. Right as I was about to get a hold of it, I feel hands take hold of my waist, a structure pushing against me.

I stand straight and turn around. Devon. "What are you doing?" "Trying to get to know a pretty, fine young girl like yourself." He starts feeling on my thighs. "Devon stop," I say pushing him away.

"You better stop before my Mom comes in and catches you." "Your Mom's not gonna do a damn thing about it." Then he kisses me, forcefully wrapping my legs around his waist.

I start squealing for him to get off. He covers my mouth with pressure. "Shut up before your mother hears you," he says in a high whisper. "I haven't felt this way about a girl like you in a long time. No wonder you girls have boys chasing after you these days. This isn't over."

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