Mid-night snacks

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"I am not sharing a room with Harry and Louis!" Liam said in anger.

 The lads and the girls were ready to bring it down and finally get some sleep. But they had a problem, not enough sleeping space.

"We won't have to do a three-way in the first place if Zayn and Niall won't be arguing for a room, just for themselves," Kay explained, "And thanks a lot for that," she said nodding towards Zayn and Niall.

"I won't mind sleeping with Niall," Liam said, but then he realized that....

"That just sounded gay, didn't it?" Liam said, blushing as he looked down on the floor. Aww, Niam Horayne.

"Why can't you share a room with Boo and I?" Harry asked Liam as he looked offended. Since the cat had appeared he just can't seem to be seperated from it. And it was really hard to take a handsome boy with a cat, seriously.

"Well....cause...you know..." Liam was at loss for words.

Kay was really uncomfortable. Harry and her hadn't talked much since the "snogging incident" Kay just decided to that he was too good for her, and he just took that as a dare. But she still can't help but get a few feelings for him. Like now, she was really jealous of Louis. Andat the same time...was really doubting his sexuallity.

"Okay! Fine, I'll share a room with Liam," Niall said finally. Good boy.

Anna's house had five rooms. One for Kay and her. One for Larry Stylinson. Another for Niam Horayne. And one for Zirror. So what about the other room?

The last room was Anna's moms. She didn't want the boys going anywhere near it. What if her mom found out that she had not one, not two, but FIVE really hot looking guys at her place? She'll be screwed for sure.

"Okay I guess its settled then, good night," Zayn said as he stormed off into his room.

Everyone said their good nights and went off into their rooms.

Anna and Kay plopped down on their beds and stared off into the ceiling, Anna said-

"It's so weird. In the past 24 hours, One Direction crashed in our house, a magical cat-"

"We don't know if it has magical powers, Anna," Kay interrupted.

"Cats are magical, get over it. So, a cat appears out of nowhere, and I date one of the hottest guys in this entire universe. I don't feel like a normal person anymore."

"No kidding," Anna scoffed, "I snogged Harry Styles. The Harry Styles, from One Direction. We have every right to not feel normal."

"Yeah, I guess," Anna sighed, "Good night, Kay. Gotta be fresh in the morning for another adventurous adventure with One Direction."

"Good night," Kay said and turned off the lights.

Anna turned to her side, so she was facing her drawer.

Green light started to flash. The notecard.

But at this time?

Anna quietly opened the drawer and read the card.

She knew what she had to do.

Anna got off her bed and closed the door quickly, and didn't dare make a noise. She didn't want to wake anyone up.

She crept down the stairs to find a light coming from the kitchen. Anna smiled to herself. Who else will come down to the kitchen for a quick mid-night snack?

Anna quietly went and stood behind the open fridge door. There was a figure with blonde hair and muscular body leaning over, as if browsing the fridge for some leftover or any kind of food.

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