Danielle’s P.O.V.

“So how are we going to do this?” Kaitlin asked me.

“Well, It should be like a competition. Like a head-to-head challenge. But Niall should be able to choose towards the end…”

"We need more help..."

“Oh my gosh! It could be like *Wipe-Out mixed with The Bachelor.”

“That’s awesome! But how do we get the group to begin with?” Kaitlin frowned.

“Uh, let’s do a search? I don’t know…We can’t outright tell them who it is because they will fake everything to get to poor Nialler.”

“Yeah. I guess we’ll just figure it out later.” Kaitlin smiled and went to find Harry.

“Love?” Liam called walking into the back of the bus.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“The boys want to know where we’re going tonight.” He smiled pulling me up.

“Do I look like their manager?” I asked sarcastically, he just stared into my eyes, his brown ones overwhelming me as always. “You guys are on break for a month, before your next tour in the U.S.” 

We walked to the living area with a couch. Liam plopped down and I sat on him. Kaitlin was next to Harry and Niall was looking sadly at the T.V. while Zayn and Louis were yelling at each other over a current video game.

“Let’s go get El and Pezz and have a nice dinner out!” I suggested.

“Where?” Harry asked. I glanced at Niall who still looked sad and wouldn’t even zone into a food conversation.

“Nando’s!” Kaitlin cried. I nodded in agreement.

“We’ll have to stop off at home first though.” Louis commented, setting his D.S. on the table.

“I’m sure everyone would like that.” Zayn helped.

“Well it’s four thirty. We should meet up, back at Nando’s for seven.”

Everyone agreed. The bus stopped and we were out in front of the mansion that Liam and I had just bought. It was big and darkish gray. It looked more medieval on the outside but on the inside everything looked really kid-dish. When we first looked at places, this one had caught both of our eyes. But it had ten rooms. So I came up with the idea that the band just move in with us. We got the master bedroom and everyone took the other rooms. Perrie and Eleanor moved in shortly after everyone else. 

The boys converted two of the rooms, by knocking down the wall, to make a recording studio. One of the other rooms was converted to a giant walk in closet for us girls, another was designated for video games/ computers, and the last was a room full of candy…don’t ask. The backyard has a giant pool and a barbeque pit. And the front has a giant fountain.

Kaitlin and I broke away from the boys and ran into the house. I missed it. Being on a bus for months on end was tiring. Without saying I word I ran to my room and plopped on the bed. Liam came in ten minutes later and reminded me we had things to do. With that I got back up and ran to the giant closet where El and Pezz were fighting over which outfit a pair of shoes matched better. I slid past them and picked out black skinny jeans and a white silky tank top. 

“Those shoes don’t match either outfit, nice try.“ I smirked as I pushed back by the girls. 

I walked back to the bathroom and turned on the radio before getting into the shower. I washed out my long hair. After standing in the toasty water for a while, I climbed out and dried off. I changed into the outfit and started drying my hair. While waiting for my straightener to heat up, I put on some blush, a little mascara and eyeliner. I took my time straightening section by section. Taking a few bobby pins, I pinned my hair to one side so that it was hanging down one shoulder and  swept my bangs to the side. I applied some light pink lipgloss and walked out of the bathroom, to the closet. Inside, I took a few bracelets and slid on my red heels.

“Love? You ready? It’s five thirty..” Liam asked, coming in. He had on his signature plaid button down,   khaki jeans, and red converse.

“Yeah. Can we walk around? I’m sick of driving.” I pushed out my lower lip.

“Alright, you don’t have to pout.” He gave me a small kiss, before putting his phone and wallet into my purse. He always did that when I was with him.

We walked hand-in-hand down the street. It was only six, we had an hour to get to Nando’s which was only three blocks away.

“It’s nice to be home.” I sighed.

“Wherever you are, is home enough for me.” Liam shot me a perfect smile, it made me melt all over again. I would never get used to calling him my fiancé. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen. I hit something, turning my gaze away from him. A woman my age was on her butt on the sidewalk.

“I am SO sorry! Look what you did babe!” I fake yelled at Liam, helping the girl stand up. He feigned innocence.

“It’s okay…” She whispered. Her blonde and pink hair was a bit longer than mine. She had on a lacey top with pink pastel skinny jeans. Looking at her, all I could picture was Niall. She was his height…I had to stop myself. If I would’ve kept going, I could’ve been staring for hours. She seemed on edge. Then I realized why….Liam.

“What’s you’re name?” I asked simply.

“L-Lauren..” She muttered. Lauren, cute.

“I’m Danielle, this is Liam.” I pulled her into a hug, rather than shaking hands.

“Liam Payne?” She half-whispered to herself.

“In the flesh, babe.” He smiled. She giggled a little.

“Well, we have to get going but here’s my cell number. We should hang out sometime. Sorry about knocking you over!” I apologized again, before handing her my card. She nodded and we kept going.

“You made me knock down an innocent bystander, babe!” I cried.

“What did I do?” Liam asked incredulously.

“Your eyes hypnotized me!” I frowned, crossing my arms over my chest, pouting a little.

“My eyes are sorry.” He smiled.

“Lies!” I smirked, walking past him, pretending to be angry.

“Danielle. Don’t make me do this.” He mumbled. Do what??? I was confused.

“Do wha…” I was pulled up and carried bridal style by Liam. “Really…”

“Hmm?” He looked down at me.

“You’re really going to carry me to Nando’s?” I asked. I wasn’t fat or anything, but I felt like a burden.

“Yes, I am.” He smiled, kissing my forehead. He finally stopped in front of the restaurant, setting me down. He was trying to pretend he was okay, but I could tell he was out of breath.

“You didn’t have to do that.” I pointed out.

“It was….nothing.” He wheezed at the last word.

“I’m sure! Come on then. I bet everyone is waiting.” I grabbed his hand and walked inside.

“Danielle, Liam. Right this way.” The waitress, Lucy smiled.

 What can I say? Niall dragged all of us here every weekend. All of the waitresses and bus-boys knew us by name, even the cook. We were seated towards the back in the biggest booth. I was right of course. Everyone was waiting for us. Liam sat inbetween Niall and Harry, I gestured for Kaitlin to come to the restroom. We left the table after placing our orders. I walked in silence waiting until it was just us two.

“I have news!” I smiled, thinking of Lauren.

“Me too!” Kaitlin grinned.

“You first!” I mumbled.


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