Humming I skip into school on Monday and I can't seem to get the smile off of my face. Deciding to skip my locker today I head straight for the history room. I stop to listen at the door and I walk in when I don't hear any voices. I notice with dissapointment that he isn't here yet. I plop all my stuff down and sit in his comfy teachers chair with my boot clad feet on his desk. Reaching over I grab my Ipod and turn it on to some Josh Turner. I smile at his song 'Would you Go with Me'    

It was the song he sang to me the other night. I close my eyes just remembering how the sound of those three words leaving his lips. Somewhere to my left I hear the sound of a door clicking closed and a lock thrown into place. My earbuds are yanked from my ears and a pair of lips crash into mine. I smile and pull them closer. I open my eyes and smile up at him.

" Well hello to you."

" Hi. What are you doing in here?"

" Well I thought I'd come say hi but I know when I'm not wanted." I shrug and head towards the door but he catches and I smile widely as he spins me back around. 

" I never said you aren't wanted! I'm glad you came. Will you help me with something?"

" Yeah sure what do you need?"

" Can you help me set up on the soccer field? Obsticle course." I follow him to his car and help him carry the nessary boxes to the field. It consists of five stations. Two you have a partner for some races others make people think with team puzzles. I can already tell I am going to like class today. 

" There you go all set up Mr.Dumont." 

" Thank you Taha really I appreciate it. Oh by the way your dad invited me over for dinner tonight for a meet and greet. Joe I think?" 

" Oh wow. I guess I'm bringing my boyfriend to meet my parents after all huh?" I say nervously. 

" Yep! I'm sorry we can't tell them I really want them to know." 

" Well Callie knows. She won't tell anyone I promise. She's awesome. You have her in class I think. Quirky, outgoing, loud, accent like mine. You can't miss her." 

" Ahh your accent I think its sexy." I hear the bell ring and that ended our conversation. 

" See you later Mr. Dumont!" I pick up my stuff and jog to my first class. 


A knock on the door sounds just as im getting out of the shower. I yell out for someone to get the door but no one answers back so I jog down the stairs in my towel grumbling all the way. I look through the eye-hole thingy and I see that its Trevor and there is a girl in her early teens standing next to him. I open the door a crack and stick my head out the door smiling at them. 

" Hey Trev! Hi erm hi I'm Taha. Umm you guys can come in, butt can you guys wait like 30 seconds before opening the door up the rest of the way?"

" Why?" The girl said obviously annoyed.

" Well miss snippy my family can't seem to have the decency to open the door and im in only a towel! I rather not have you see me like this!" I snapped, " Sorry shouldn't take it out on you guys, butt take a moment before entering though I'll be down in two minutes. Living room is around the corner. Make yourselves at home." 

I sprint back up the stairs  and quickly get dressed in underware, jeans, and a purple Aeropostle t-shirt. I quickly bush my hair and slap some mascera on my eyes and rush back downstairs only to slam into Trevor. I blush bright red. It doesnt take him long but he captures my lips in a quick kiss before steping back leaving me wanting more. I see his knowing smirk and I slap his chest. 

" So who's the girl?"

" Thats my sister Ally. She's staying with me for a couple weeks, cause my parents can't seem to handle her right now because of some business trip." 

" Does this mean I can't come see you anymore?" I say sadly looking at the floor. 

" No. I want her to know you. I just got to explain somethings to her and have some extensive bribary planned!" He says chuckling. A knowing smile dawns on my face and I see his grow confused. 

" The barn. It has an enclosed loft and no one but me goes in there. It even locks." I smile and leave him standing there shocked. 

In the kitchen Joe and Sam are making dinner. It looks like orange balsamic chicken. Oooo I love this stuff! I turn on the radio and dance around laughing with Matt and Josh as they try and fail at dancing. We set the table and we all sit down to eat. I get to know Trevors sister a little bit better and I see how much she means to him. We secretly hold hands under the table and I can't help but feel content. After dinner Sam gets all weird and invites them to team monopoly. I can't help but hide my face in Joshes shoulder. God they are so embarrising! To my surprise they accept and I somehow get teamed up with Ally.

" Oooo take that Sam! Bankruuupt!" I sing high fiving my partner. 

 " Hey what happen to good sportsman ship?"

" I left it at the door." I say smirking. 

" Yeah well go pick it up." He retorts. 

" Nah I'm good its game night daddy." I smile. I catch Trevors eye and smile wider when I see the look of amusment on his face. I discreetly entertwine my legs with his under the table. 

" Hey Ally its your turn." 

" Yeah I noticed." I'm not sure I like her much but then again I wasn't the nicest thirteen year old either. 

The night seem to zoom by and before I know it, it is time to go to class. I walk them out with my dance bag in hand. I also have my keys. 

" Night guys thanks for coming. It means alot."

" Yeah no problem it was fun." I wave and turn to go to my truck but Trevor catches my wrist stopping me. 

" Do you want a ride? I mean we are going to the same place after all and you are my partner." I can see the double meaning and I just nod following him to his car. I go to get into the backseat but he motions me to the passengers side opening the door for me. I can't help but notice the glare I get from Ally. We drop her off and he leaves her home with some girl I go to school with. She doesn't seem happy. As soon as we get down the road a ways we pulls over and kisses me til my knees are weak. 

" I have been waiting all night to do that. It was so hard." 

" I know. It was torture not to be able to cuddle with you at all." I smile over at him as he continues driving holding my hand in his the whole time. 


I know its short but its just kind of a filler chapter. Sorry with post again soon I promise!

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