Part 32

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The next day i woke up tears stained down my face. Max walked into the room and sat by me on the bed, his eyes burning with signs of sadness. He placed his hand on my stomach which set me off crying. I turned over so i couldn't see his face.

"Are you alright babe?" he asked.

"Max i have just lost a baby of course i'm not alright!" i shouted at him angrily.

"Sorry" he replied before walking out the room slowly.

I stayed in bed awake for most of the day. I wanted to be on my own. I picked up phone which had so many text messages on it. I read the first one 'How did the scan go?' that set me off again.

2 hours later Max came back into the room.

"Do you want some food? You should eat something" Max told me as i sat up on the bed.

"Stop telling me what to do" I replied harshly as i got out of bed and walked down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen and saw a card on the side which i hadn't seen before. It read 'Congratulations on the news!' . I pushed it off the side as Max came running into the room.

"Why put that on the side Max? Believe it or not we have lost that so called 'news'!" i asked wanting a honest answer.

"Because it came through the post yesterday but i forgot to read it" he replied shouting at me.

"So I want to stop crying Max, not start a waterfall at everything i see!" i said pushing past him and walking up the stairs.

"Babe..." he said starting off a sentence.

"Don't babe me and don't follow me" I intrupted him before he finished what he was going to say.

I heard the door slam as i got into bed and cryed my eyes out.

Later that evening Charlotte came round to see if i was alright. She knocked on the door for a while as i constantly ignored the noise. After a while i let her in. As i opened the door she flung her arms around me. I cryed on her shoulder as she conforted me.

"I'm so sorry Abbie, Max told us" she said as i carried on crying.

"I think its my fault" i said as she sat me down on the sofa.

"No it's not darling, don't say that" she replied cuddling me.

"Yes it is. The night of the hen do i drank alcohol as i didn't know i was pregnant then so it's my fault" I told her as tears gushed out of my eyes.

Charlotte told me that Max was at her's with Tom as i was worried about him. Charlotte stayed that night to keep a eye on me and to look after me. I was so lucky to have friends like the ones i had got.

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