just me and Gaara

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                                                             Danielle point of view

yeah Gaara it is lovely to night. Gaara walked over to me and sat beside me but he was sitting way to close to me his arm was touching mine but i didn't really mined. we didn't say anything to each other we just watched the sky enjoying being with each other. Gaara would you sleep in my bed with me to night i felt a blush coming on my face. sure. when he said sure i blushed even more but we went into my room and i just fell asleep.

                                                          next day

i woke up to see Gaara wasn't in my room anymore so i got up off bed and got my clothes then got wash and dress and did everything else after i finished i went out of my room i got a apple i was about to go out side until Gaara stopped me. where are you going? i'm going to have a walk. i saw Gaara nod i just smiled at him then went out. i walked to the park to see all the kids playing apart from one i went over to the little boy on the swing. hey kid whats your name? and what are you not playing with the other kids? zane and no one wants to play with me. hey zane want to play with me. really thanks miss. hah hey call me Danielle. ok what you want to play. i don't know. ok lets play hide and go seek. go hide i will find you ok? ok Danielle! i closed my eye's for a bit then i opened my eyes i looked around to see he was behind a tree but i kept looking for a bit then i went near him. found you! he he ok my turn said zane i went and hide but i made it easy.

                                            few minutes later

will played for a long time but Zane had to go home he hugged me before he ran to his mum i told him i would meet him in the same place tomorrow at the same time. i went back home but when i got there Mai ran to me and nearly knocked me over. Danielle want to go to the  beach with us. sure but i don't have a swimming suit. don't worry i'll get you one. hey guys me and Danielle are going shopping meet you there?! i heard kitty ears say ok so after mai heard that she grabbed my arm.once we got to the shops Mai was picking out lots of swimming suits but there was none what i liked until i saw one what was red but only it was one of them one's what looked like a bra and pants but not but i guess it will have to do. hey Mai i found one. really let's see! wow that will look pretty on you and it will get Gaara going for you. i blushed when i heard that bit. w-what Gaara doesn't see me in that way. really i seen the way you look at each other and act around each other i know you got a thing for him am i right? ok you wont tell him will you? no i won't tell him. thanks Mai. we payed for our stuff then went to the beach but only it was a long long walk it took us 30 or 40 minutes to get there but when we got there we saw the boys in their swim stuff we found the ladys bathroom we got into the swim stuff then went to find the boys when we found them Gaara was on the sand just sitting and kitty ears was in the water mai ran to kitty ear and i just sat down i got my sun block and put it on my arms legs and face but i couldn't get my back and mai couldn't do it cos she's playing. so i walked to Gaara he must of knew i was coming over to him cos he looked at me and i saw him looking at me up and down i blushed at that when i got near him i couldn't look at him so i just gave him the block he took it from me. i just lay down he got on his knees put the stuff on his hands then on my back i went even reder so i hid my face when he was done i sat up and took the sun block back off him. t-thanks Gaara.

                                      few hours later

i was sitting with Gaara until i said to him about playing with the sand after that we were playing with the sand and i thought i was wining but Gaara won. hey no fair!. it is fair he laughed. hey Gaara you ready to go? said kitty ears. he just nodded then we went back to the house we were in i went up to my room and got into my clothes i looked out of my window it was dark out. i went down stairs to see Gaara was only there. hey where is everyone? they were sleepy so they went to bed. i just nodded. hey Gaara i will be in my room if you need me. Gaara just nodded then ijust went back to my room i closed my door i walked about 4 steps until Gaara opened the door and before i knew it i was pushed against the wall. Gaara what are..... Gaara stopped me from talking by crushing his lips into mine, this time the kiss was rough but i kissed back i put my arms around Gaara, Gaara moved in closer to me our bodys touching i wanted this kiss to last forever but we had to break for air we looked at each other Gaara moved away from me he was about to go until i said. Gaara can you sleep on my bed with me? Gaara just nodded and went over to the bed i went over with him i lay on my bed and so did Gaara i felt arms wrap around me and i just fell asleep.


hey sorry if this was a little fast but it will be slow a little next time enjoy


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