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"ha, ha, ha, it's time to leave, it's time to leave," said Jason

goddamn it, I embarrassed myself in front of him  I cursed.

I hurriedly went to meet the the others who were already waiting for us among the crowd.

Lucy signalled to me by waving, she asked if I had fun on the Ferris wheel like she did, of course heck yeah I did, well not the Ferris Wheel part but the experience with Jason but of course I couldn't say this so I went with a simple :"Sure, it was awesome " with a smile. But then I looked at Amanda and my mood changed from sunshine to gloomy, she still seemed angry about something but I couldn't dare asking, I assumed it had something to do with me.

The day went by with Aim and Win where Jason won a stuffed panda for me, bumper cars, eating cotton candy, buying a few junk food then more games, we didn't realize the time went by so fast.

It was time to leave, I looked back only to discover Amanda and Jason talking, then they burst into laughter....

what's so funny?  I jealousy thought.

Then to make it worse, Jason said: "I have some other things to work on, you guys can go ahead, I'll drop off Amanda home"

What?!!!!  You've gotta be kidding me

Those words had an etch of ambiguity to it but I decided to clear the other from my mind.

I arrived home, following the scent like a blind mice sensing cheese. I ended up in the kitchen with my mom bringing out the pastries out to cool. Greeted my mom with a kiss on the cheek, with her hugging me in the process. We discussed about the days event, well almost everything except the Ferris wheel part. I decided not to until I was sure the feeling was genuine. We ate the pastries as it had cooled down now. I gave my mom a goodnight hug before heading to my room.

I decided to check my notification on my facebook account, I got 50 notifications, 20 unread messages, 2 new friend request and 200 pending friend requests.😳

I decided to check up on my friend request platform, it popped up showing...

how's the story going?
Who does Jason really like?
Who's contact photo popped up on facebook?


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