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~One week later~
I was still in the hospital and I was just taking my daily walking therapy since ya know. I got shot. Wow I got shot. Now when I meet new people and they talk about how they once broke their leg or arms I can just be like 'oh that must have sucked, I got shot at!'

As I was daydreaming I heard the door open and a certain someone come in. "Alright I got your passion fruit sweat ice tea and a croissant with chocolate chips"

Noah put the drink down on a table as well as the bag. "Awww thank you Noah" I walked over to him, slowly, and kissed him.
He blushed and I just smiled and sat on the bed.

He came and sat next to me, " How are you feeling?" He looked at me with such care in his eyes.

"Im perfect" i stared deep into his beautiful eyes.

~ 10 years later ~

"NOAHHHHHHHH HELPPPPPP" i was in the room and currently on the floor and i couldn't get up cuz of the b- "Are you ok!?"
Noah came in the room and quickly picked me up.
I started laughing and he smiled a bit "I'm fine Noah I just fell from surprise"

That's when Noah stared laughing and he looked at "How do you fall from surprise"

"Wellll the baby kicked and i just fell cuz I wasn't expecting her to do it so hard. We definitely need to sign her up for soccer when she's older"

Noah looked at me with the biggest smile ever. "She kicked for the first time!? Oh my god." He bent down on his knees and kissed my giant belly that was holding our baby inside.

I just laughed and admired him. I'm so happy I met him. Then got with him. Then married him. And now here we are.

Ok guys. Omg. I'm so sorry I haven't updated in like.. I don't even know but I did and it's my last because I'm ending the story 😭 I'm so sorry I know some people liked this story but I honestly have no clue what to write and I have so many other stories and ideas that aren't for this story it's complicated but I'm so happy for the people who comment and make me laugh and smile while reading it. I'm just grateful that people liked this story. ♥️

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