Intro/Chapter 1: Neighbors

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your POV (point of view)
   My mom and I are moving to LA cuz im officially going to be a part of season 3 of Stranger things *dun dun duuuuunn*
We are gonna live in a penthouse in a nice private neighborhood. My mom is working for this really good company and that's why we decided to move. Anyway, we got on our plane from (where you live) to L.A  (unless you already live in L.A, just go along) My mom needed to work so I decided to walk around and get to know the neighborhood. I was walking and saw a very pretty garden. But then I got distracted when I saw a really cute brown haired boy. I've decided to go talk to him.
You: Hello new neighbor!
As I started to walk closer I notice that he was the one and only NOAH SCHNAPP!!!
Noah: Oh hey!
You: Noah omg is that you or am I seeing things?
Noah's POV

        She kinda looks familiar but besides that she looks nice. What am I saying,?...
Your POV
    WOAH. Ugh I wish we could be like together. Wait we just met!so play it cool.
Noah: Um... you look familiar do I know you?
You: I mean ya since we just met.
Noah chuckled and so I chuckled too at his adorable lil laugh.
Noah's POV
    She is pretty funny, honestly she seems like a really chill person.
Your POV
     You: I auditioned for the new role in stranger things, and I got in.
Noah: Ya !! I saw it you are amazing!
I started blushing and Noah noticed. Dammit.
Noah POV
      Holy crap I made her blush! She looks like a tomato! But in a really cute way. And since I think she looks really cute, I blush. God dammit,I'm gonna look like I have 2 cheek sized cherrys on my face
Me: So when are you coming to meet the rest of the crew?
Y/n: Tomorrow actually.
                  'yay.' I thought to myself
Me: oh can't wait too see you there y/n!
Y/n: How did you know my name? I haven't told you yet.
Me: Audition tapes, I have to go but see you tomorrow.
Y/n: Bye Noah see you tomorrow! 
Your POV
     Talking to Noah was like talking to myself I talked to him so well and smooth that it's just uhhhhhgggg
I sat on the bench where he did and stared at the garden. When all of a sudden I turn around and see........

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