Part 9

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Your POV
Why is Millie acting suspicious?
Oh no. OH HELL TO THE NO! She cannot- !!!!! WHAT IF SHE DOES!??
Millie's pov
Me: I swear if any of you tell any of them. I will rip your eye right out if I have too!!
Sophia:jeez ok Millie
Everyone agreed, again and then we started making a plan on stopping Ellie
Noah's POV
I started wondering why they were so suspicious? I looked over at y/n and she completely zoned out.
No response
Me: y/n!
Y/n: huh? Ya,what.
Me:are you ok? You zoned out for a while.
Y/n: ya I'm completely fine.
Me: ya and I'm completely not buying it. What's wrong?
Y/n: it's nothing to worry about.
Y/n smiled at me and so I decide to let it go.
For now.
Your POV
Oof Noah can not know what I was thinking of that would be a BIG disaster.
Sophia s pov
Millie can be SO controlling sometimes. But I love her so it ok I guess.
Your POV
I'm really worried about Millie. If she does what I think she does then maybe we'll get in a fight or something. I really hope what I'm thinking isn't true.

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