Chapter 4

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Noah: I shall now sit next to the queen since I am her soldier
Noah got up and sat next me, he was pretty close and his knee was touching mine.

Noah: ok truth or dare?...... jack.
Jack: um. Truth...
Noah: ok, is it true that you like someone?
Sophia: ReAllY?!?!
Jaeden: WHO???
Jack: that wasn't apart of the truth.
Wyatt: WoW
You: why can't you tell us 😩
Jack: Truth or dare y/n?
Y/n: dare! Give me the best you got.
Jack: I dare you to kiss me then

Did jack freakin GrAzEr just ask for me to kiss him??! Omg. WAIT! But what about Noah? Ugh I have to do the dare. Noah probably doesn't even like me

Noah's POV
WHAT!!!?!?! NO!! Ugh I KNEW JACK LIKED HER!! I mean what's not to like? She is just too perfect! Ugh it's a dare so I guess she HaS to do it. 😠

Your POV
I got up and went up to jack. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him up. I leaned in and kissed him for about 3 seconds, then I pulled away. We were both blushing and I could see Noah looking mad but jealous at the same time
. Wierd. Anyway it was my turn
This is extremely short but sorry I had to leave so I just stopped here

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