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Your POV
I really hope Millie isn't feeling what I'm thinking. If that makes sense. I'll just ask her myself. Me and Noah were just walking around and I got thirsty so I grabbed a cup of water. It's smelled kinda wierd but I didn't think too much of it . But back to the problem, millie.

Noah's POV
Ok Millie was acting wierd and now y/n is.

Back to your POV
Noah: hey y/n
You: ya
Noah: r u excited
You: for..?
Noah: we are gonna start acting next week!
You: oh haha ya.
I started scratching the back of my neck cuz I was nervous.For what? You'll find out.

Noah's POV
Me: You don't look excited?
Y/n: ha well I am. Can't wait !
She started doing jazz hands. Ugh! She can be so cute sometimes.

Your POV
Noah is just staring at me, but I'm not complaining, but he should stop.
I started coughing dramatically.
You: dndbhdbdhdudndjjejxnjxudjdbdbx
Noah; ok ok you can stop now
I was gonna stop, but it wouldn't and I started loosing air and it was suddenly very hard to breathe. I was making gestures with my hands trying to fan some air in my mouth and surprisingly it worked.

Noah's POV
Me: ok ok you can stop now
She didn't stop
She kept going
I didn't know if it was a joke or not. She started fanning herself and I knew it wasn't a joke cuz she was purple. LITERALLY!!
Me: ILL BE BACK!! Just wait!
I ran so fast up the stairs to the guys bedroom.
Then I ran back downstairs and she's gone.
Everyone ran downstairs too
Millie: where is she?!?!!
Me; I don't know!!!! She was right there
I pointed to were she was standing/sitting .
Everyone stood there
Jack: NOW YOU STUPID *beeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Ellie's pov
Hehehehhehehe y/n needs to watch what she drinks  or else she might end up in a ditch. Oh wait! That exactly what's gonna happen

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