Chapter 3

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I woke up early today so I decided to get ready for today's sleepover. Since jack AND Noah were gonna be there I decided to pick my "cutest" pajamas. I decided on my long sleeve shirt and shorts cuz why not.
I chose and outfit to wear just in case we went out or something. I picked a black sweater,jeans, and my adidas.
I took a shower and put on a crop top and some
leggings. I decide to wrap my sweater around my hip.
I curled my hair at the ends and looked at the clock, it was 12:17 pm
I started walking to Wyatt's and got there at 12:57. I knocked and saw Wyatt and Jaeden at the door.
Jaeden: Wyatt chill. Hey 👋
You: Is it just us?
Wyatt: Everyone is here but jack and Sophia so we are waiting on them

I smiled and blushed because I saw Noah behind them waving at me with a huge grin on his face as Wyatt was talking. I walked in and sat next to Finn since that was the only decent spot left
Finn: Hey y/n can't wait to get to know you.

Millie,Caleb,Noah, and Gaten greeted me.
We heard a knock on the door so I got up and answered it. I opened it and saw jack and Sophia
Sophia came up to me and hugged me, she started talking to me and I could feel jacks eyes on me the whole entire time we were at the doorway.
We sat in the living room in silence for a couple second, then Jaeden came in.

We all agreed and then made groups.
Jaeden: I'll be the leader of the seekers. Since there is 10 of us I'll make it kinda hard. The only lights that will be on is the seekers flashlights and There is only gonna be 3 seekers and the rest of you will hide. So who wants to be a seeker
You: ME!!
Jack raised his hand as soon as I did so Jaeden pick us two. Everyone went to go hide. We counted to 50 then went and started looking.It was kinda hard since Wyatt's home is HUGE
Jack: I found gaten and Caleb!
You: Ok Ill go check in the ba-
I was cut off because Noah jumped out and scared the living crap out of me.
I said as I playfully push him and we both start laughing from my reaction. I didn't see or hear Noah cuz he turned off my flashlight, I walk to the bathroom light and flick it on. I saw Noah on the floor dying of laughter and not breathing (not in a dangerous way tho)
I grabbed his hand to pull him up, he stood in front of me and we were staring at each others eyes. I turned around to turn the bathroom light off but then yelled
I walked backwards then stumbled on Noah's foot cuz i forgot he was there. I fell on top of him and we started laughing really hard. Jack grabbed my hand and pulled me up and said "let's go"

I was confused by jacks tone that sounded annoyed, I turn around to see a angry Noah
We walk in the living room and we sat down
Wyatt: Let's play truth or dare
Everyone agreed and we started playing.
Wyatt: ok I'll go first. Uh.... Noah, truth or dare?
Noah: ugh fine, um...... dare?
Wyatt: Ok I dare you to act as if one of us is a queen and you can't let anyone touch her or him. But you can't say their name and if you do then we get to put syrup and pancake mix on your head.[not my idea but I read something like it, not exactly, but like it]
Noah: ugh fine
Wyatt: Who will it be?
Noah pointed at me and said "it's a pleasure to be assisting you,my queen
I just responded "thank you very much, it'll be a lovely time telling you what to do"
We both laughed
[ sorry for not posting in a WHILE, got caught up in finals]

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