Chapter 2

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     When all of a sudden I turn around and see Jack Dylan Grazer.
Jacks pov
WOAH........ no one told me the neighbor would be cute. Wait, but I can't like her! I just met her. She might be a serial killer . Just saying. I should say hi
Your POV
You:hi,I'm y/n.
Jack: Hi,I'm jack
He stuck his hand out for me to shake. So I did and his hands were like touching a blanket
You: so.... do you hang here a lot?
Jack:Ya it's kinda my safe place to get away from this cruel society. Ya know?
You: oh. I mean it is quite relaxing. Can it be mine too?
Jack: Ya of course!

He said it excitingly as if he wanted me to be here most of the time. Does he like me? Nah no one likes me. You can put a picture of me and a pile of dog poop together and it would be impossible to find the difference.

I got a message from my mom saying she's back and that she brought food. Her saying food kinda of made me hungry so I decided to go.
You: Oh well thanks, but I gottta go eat. Nice meeting you!
Jack: ya nice meeting you y/n. See you around
Jacks POV

I didn't want to stop talking to her. Ughh! OH! I have to ask for her number. I walked up to her.
Me: y/n can I have your number?
Y/n: YA sure why not .
Your POV

Jack just asked me for my number, AHHH
You: YA sure why not.
I gave him my number and and walked to my house. I walked in when I heard my mom say
Mom: Who were you talking to? You seem all happy and "smiley"

WHAT!! I can't like jack! I like Noah! Oh no, I like jack. I LIKE JACK!! What if they both ask me out? What am I gonna do. *ding* I look at my phone and see that I've been added to the group chat. The whole stranger things cast was in it and so was the it cast ( besides chosen and Jeremy) I started typing
You: hey people
Millie: Hi What's your name?
You: Oh hi Millie. I'm y/n
Millie: really! Your the one who got the part right?!?!
Millie: YAY I get to have a friend that's a girl!
You: lol
Jack: Hey y/n!!
Millie:seems like jack is excited to see you
Noah: Oh hey y/n!
You: Hey jack! Hey Noah!
    My two huge crushes..... I'm nervous
Finn: Hey guys. Who is this ?
You: I'm y/n I'm gonna play the Other girls part in stranger things
Finn: Noice👌🏼
Wyatt: Hey y/n you seem chill.
You: thx you guys too
Millie: lol sophia
Jaeden: We should plan a hang out so we can all get to know you !
Caleb: that sounds good! Oh ya hi
Gaten: YA. I totally want to meet you y/n
You: Hey caleb and me too I really want to meet you too
Wyatt: Ok then it's settled, we can have it at my place since my parents are gone for a couple months.
Jack: yah can't wait to see you y/n
Noah: Me too
Sophia: When are we going  Wyatt
Wyatt: how about tomorrow at 1:00pm?
Jack: 👌🏼
Jaeden: 👌🏼
You: um ok
Wyatt:when your free just put👌🏼 and since you're our friend then you can put it too
You: ok then 👌🏼
I told my mom I was going to Wyatt's house tomorrow and she let me. Thank the lord
Anyway I was so excited I went to sleep at like 6:00 pm

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