Gone Again

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Nathaniel's POV:

Eventually, Adrien and Nathaniel grew out of things to talk about. They sat in the garden, each of them admiring the beautiful blood moon in a comfortable silence. A idea fluttered through Adrien's head.

He turned his head for a split second to look at Nathaniel, who was staring at the moon, his pale blue eyes glinting in the shallow light. Adrien sat there, leaning back on his hands, lips slightly parted, admiring the boys beautiful red hair and high cheekbones. Eventually, he closed his eyes in sadness and faced the moon again.

It was only a few more moments before Adrien and Nathaniel both stood up, dusting off their own jeans. Adrien faced the red headed boy, smiling. He took a step closer.

Nathaniel's hands twitched at his sides, and he clasped them together. He looked up into Adrien's beautiful green eyes before looking down at the ground, his white cape flowing a bit behind him in the soft autumn breeze. Adrien smiled some more, stretching out his hand and pulling Nathaniel's chin up so he was looking into his eyes. "Stripes," he said softly, bringing his face a few inches closer. He closed his eyes, breathing softly.

Nathaniel gasped a little, leaning towards him. Their lips were an inch apart when Nathaniel's eyes fluttered open and he took a step back. Adrien frowned, opening his eyes. "What's wrong?" he breathed. Nathaniel shook his head.

"Adrien," he said. "i'm sorry," he took a step back. "I-I'm sorry. I just... I can't!" he finished, exclaiming , eyes widened. He turned around and, lifting his cape up, ran off back to the house.

Adrien's eyes widened, a tear slipping out. He took a step back, squeezing his eyes shut. "Stripes," he frowned before following him, slowly, back to the house.

Chloe met both boys at the house. She smiled softly at Nathaniel as he walked towards her, but the boy brushed her away, storming past her. Nathaniel walked into the manor and back to the dining room, where all the adults were chatting over tea and shortcake.

"Nathaniel!" said the king, standing up and widening his arms. All of them turned their attention to the new boy.

"Hello," he said softly, going back to his chair and sitting down. He smiled gratefully as Queen Chelsea served him a piece of cake and some hot tea, but the food and drink still sat in front of him untouched. The queen frowned at him in a mix of worry and disappointment before resuming her conversation with her husband, the mayor, and Adrien's father.

After another hour of chat, Chloe and Adrien still hadn't returned to the dining room. Nathaniel could only guess where they had went, but then his adoptive parents stood up and sighed. "Thank you so much or this wonderful meal," said the king courteously. The queen nodded.

"We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. We would love to stay longer, but we received an urgent memo from our secretary of state earlier and we must return to England tonight."

Nathaniel's eyes widened, but he remained silent. A million thoughts flew through his head - Would he get a chance to say au revoir to Adrien? What would Chloe say? He shook them off and followed his parents out of the gorgeous dining room in a trance, wishing he could do something differently.

-The Private Flight Back-

Nathaniel sat in his luxurious armchair, moping. His parents sat a few rows in front of him, quietly arguing about what to do about some royal urgent affair about something or other. Nathaniel ignored the screen and the small snacks and drinks in front of him, and he wrapped himself in his cape as if it were a blanket. Hopefully, he would find some way to contact Adrien again.

He shifted in his chair. Something scratched his leg, and he frowned, uncomfortable. His hands crawling into the blanket and down to is pants, he was surprised to find a slip of paper in his pocket. His eyes widened as he pulled it out.

It was a note. Looking up to make sure his parents weren't near, he read the curvy, unmistakable handwriting of no one other than Chat Noir - or Adrien. It read

Stripes -

I'm so sorry about earlier. Please... I know you're going home tonight, but I want you to consider this for me. Please.

Give me a second chance. If you think you can, call me at (331) 675 8732.

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