Arrested; Again?

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Adrien's POV:

Adrien lay in bed, ice pack laying on his left cheek. He had faked sick that morning so he wouldn't go to school. No, that wasn't it. Adrien didn't mind school; he liked it, actually. Adrien had faked sick so that he wouldn't have to face his 'boyfriend', Kaden. Adrien's face still had an ugly hand mark from where the boy hit him the other day, and it was painful.Of course, his father had made him visit the doctor, but the doctor declared that there was nothing wrong; just a simply bruise. Luckily for Adrien, nobody asked what happened.

There was a newspaper on Adrien's bedside table. Adrien picked it up and flipped to a random article. He began reading.

Boy arrested for the Fourth Time

A boy in the city of Paris has recently been arrested for the fourth time. This young boy has been bailed out each and every time by his rich parents; but will the police even allow the parents to bail him out this time?

According to French law, a person can be bailed for a maximum of three times in their life. This boy has met the limits but the police force is desperately in need of money. The boys parents, both celebrity actors, have the money the police needs so badly. So will the police go to desperate, even illegal, measures to allow this boy to be released?

This boy has committed several crimes. The latest one, which called for his fourth arrest, was stealing a priceless gem from an old woman. It was a family heirloom. Now, the police may have let him off with a warning had he returned the gem, but the boy had somehow managed to sneak into the city's official science labs. He turned on the furnace and melted the gem. He then flushed the liquid down the toilet, which was then clogged by a purple, priceless toilet waste.

The boy in question goes by the name Kaden O'Connor.

Adrien groaned and threw the paper to the side. Of course Kaden would come up with the intensely strange crime of flushing a liquid family heirloom. Nathalie entered his bedroom carrying a steaming hot cup of tea.

Nathaniel's POV:

Nathaniel woke up from his silken sheet, groaning. He reached over for the usual comfort of Adrien's body. He was disappointed, but not surprised, when he reached over his massive bed and found, again, he was alone.

A knock came at his door. Without waiting for permission, the young queen entered. She sat down at the foot of Nathaniel bed. Nathaniel pulled himself up and rested his back on the, duh, backrest. His mother began talking.

"Nathaniel, honey," she took a sip of her coffee, "I have some news. We are all going to visit Paris as a family,"

Nathaniel's face brightened immensely. "Really?!" he asked excitedly. "When? How? Why?"

The young queen sighed. "Your fath- umm, the king, is on very good terms with the mayor. And, well, he has a daughter your age. And we've been thinking-me and the king, that is- it would be very good for England and France if you two became friends, maybe even something more..."

Nathaniel's face darkened almost immediately."You mean... You're telling me that you want me to date Chloe Bourgeois?!"


Hey guys; I just wanted to apologize for the short chapter. I've been really busy with the ECA's (End of Course Assessments) and I need to study... Sorry...

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